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04-09-2010, 10:08 PM
Originally Posted by elith3292 View Post
Are alot of you complete idiots, or jjust blind,,, Yes there grammer errors, but last i checked,,,,,, this isn''t your freaking high school english class, and the points he was marking are perfectly clear. All the points stated are clearly more than just one guys opinion alot of peple all over these forums have wxspressed these problems and others to boot. Right now,, literally what we have is a Single player game, with social abilities. Leveling in this game ,,, a joke... end game content ,,,a joke, and so on and so you get the idea. Alot of the issues people have with the game, are not being addressed and our concerns and wants are being dissmissed. A council not by plyers choosing, how can that be a fair representation of our ideas. That is just an example of the devs taking in our imput like they have all along ,,They don't ,, Alot of issues on the forums were the same ones we had and posted in beta, but still nothing changed. Skill point tree designed for unlimited skills , then a week and a half before launch , changing it to limited skill points and not rearranging the tree to accomidate the changes. How dumb and poor developement. Apparently the people making the decisions about the game , are not gamers. Their morons.
I only hope is that CBS sees the game loosing money and steps in and puts a fire on cryptics/ataris but...
To sum it all up this game is a joke ,,,,, our only hope is for STO2 made by another company, not cryptic or atari.
It takes a small man to complain about what he feels he deserves in an MMO and complain that he is being ignored.

It takes a big man to offer constructive solutions and realize that Cryptic cannot please everyone and do everything the way they prefer.

Also, please stop acting like you speak for the majority of STO players, we do not all agree with you. Insulting Cryptic only insures that they will pay no attention to your ranting. Now you really will be ignored...FAIL
Lt. Commander
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04-09-2010, 11:11 PM
Your thread is nothing more than a summary of what everyone whines about on the forums. Nothing new or constructive.

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