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My fleet is large. We have almost 300 people.

Err, had. I should say. We have a lot of idlers, or folks that haven't been online in awhile. It happens - people leave MMOs. In an effort to clarify who was actually active and not, I decided to do a roster purge, based on the information showing on the Fleet UI, of "Last Online." As many of you probably know, it's been showing a date stamp of "12/31/1999" for anyone that hadn't been online since the Season 1 patch. So I figured it was gonna be a safe bet to kick anyone from the fleet that was showing that date.

So I got to it! ~40 fleet-kicks later (without paying much attention to who was getting da boot), I reached a familiar name -- my own alt, whom I'd just logged off of hours prior.

Aw hell.

Went back thru and checked some of the other purge victims - sure enough, several active members got included in the clean-up process, including even a couple officers.

Turns out that this 'feature' meant to improve the lives of Fleet leaders like myself, is COMPLETELY WASTED SPACE. If it's displaying improper information, then it might as well not be displaying ANYTHING.

Please fix this feature. How did this make it to live without actually being able to serve it's ONLY function? It defeats the entire purpose of it even being there, to not have the correct time stamps.

To summarize:
The timestamps are not showing up correctly, and people that have been online within as little as a few hours still occasionally show as "Last online 12/31/1999 at 5:00pm." The rest was just me complaining about how it's made my life a temporary hell. =p

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