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04-10-2010, 02:30 PM
Originally Posted by fdei View Post
Ah, I remember reading your guide in another post on CE. Very good, and I think even better and more detailed than other famous ones found on the net.

You are right. But would it be possible, theoretically, that someone like Wookie installed 3 science BOs and continously fired "Scramble Sensors", thus being a single hero completely blocking the CE frags?

Could be an enjoyable task to create a char, a "prototype", exclusively suited to fight against CE, with perfect weapons, abilities, BOs a.s.o.
What would be the perfect choice for ship class (with respect to BO slots, hull strength, ...), char class, BOs (abilities...), weapons (read about disruptors as suitable for CE somewhere), shields (must withstand "the beam")...? A "CE solo fighter" role, similar to the ones buzzworded as "damage", "healing", ...

My thought: Having such a solo CE fighter with you could enable all other ships to in fact concentrate on the entity itself. "Noobs" would be irrelevant as frags would be mostly harmless.
And making so many many people happy to finally complete the CE mission


Been there, done that.
Science Recon
Scramble Sensors 3,2,1. (Or just 3 and 2 if you load out sensor probe consoles, but I suggest 3,2,1 since you can instead load out multi-spectro scanners to boost your...

Sensor Scan III: 109% damage resistance dubuff (Science Career only)

Target Weapons Subsystems: (Innate Science ship ability) Takes the main beam attack of the CE offline.

Photonic Officer.
Science Team I (Also boosts Sensor scan, if you're only using Scramble Sensors 2 and 3, switch out Science Team 1 for Science team II)

Jam sensors (If the main beam targets you and is an issue)

Emergency power to weapons I AND II so that you always have your energy attacks tearing through it.

Torpedo: High Yield II
Tactical Team 1
Cannon: Rapid Fire/Beam Overload/Beam Fire at will for your other level 1 ability.

Loadout: Fore
Two Photons in Front (Fires 1 every 3 seconds)
Dual Disruptor Beam bank in front. (Chance to lower damage resistance)

2 Tricobalt Mine launchers for phases 1 and 2. (Or quantum mines if you don't have access to them yet)

Two tricobalts means you can fire 1 every 30 seconds. Get within 1km of the main CE so you're sure that, even if the mine chases a shard, that the CE itself will get damaged.

1 Disruptor Turret (Chance to lower damage resistance)

For phase 3, switch out the mine launchers with two additional disruptor turrets aft. To do this, fire your strongest Sensor scramble (3) and hit escape. In about ten seconds the "red alert" at the top of the screen will vanish and you can switch consoles/weapons. Be quick, as if you're not fast enough to reaquire the CE and fire another scramble YOU'LL ALL DIE.

Consoles: Multi Spectro Scanner x4
Eps Flow Reg (2 for phase 3 when you put in more turrets)
Plasma distribution manifiold (replace with another Eps reg when you switch for more turrets)
Photon Detonation Assemblys mixed with Disruptor induction coils (3 total)

Watch it get pummeled.

Some older videos I took with a different loadout/approach but still effective. (On the old Lt. Commander level one, after they buffed it so it wouldn't die in 30 seconds)

Lt. Commander version trying out some other approaches.

Record is 2 mins in a full room on that one.

Picture of results with my current loadout on the Admiral level one:

Been doing this since it's inception. By the way, that "impressive technique" is shard scramble lock. Incidentilly, I discovered it.

A Galaxy class wasn't keeping the thing locked out as it can not single handedly SSL. You probably had myself or some other T4 or 5 science ship in there doing it.

While the shards are scramble locked, they will go to whoever aggroed them last and "hug" their ship. It doesn't mean that is the ship that is scrambling them.

Current Setup:
Around 6-12% Progress VS the Regen of the old CE per 3.5%/30second health tic on the Lt. Commander version. (Sensor Scan and Mine damage are the large variables in damage well as the proc effect of disruptors.

Around 3.5-7.0% Progress VS the Regen of the Admiral level CE per 3.5%/30 second health tic. Enough to keep pace without sensor scan active, and enough to make progress while it IS active. Damage variables identical to the above version.


PS: Photonic Fleet
PS part 2: If you enter an instance VS the CE alone or with very few other players you will have NPC ships to help you out. Keep them alive by SSLing and tanking the main beam (or disabling it)

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