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So the other night I happened to fly by DS9 looking for trouble. Or buy some hypos and shield charges for an infected run. But saying I was looking for trouble is more fun. Anyway, approaching DS9 I'm prompted to either approach DS9 or do the fleet action. Never having done that particular fleet action and being bored in general I decided to give it a go. I beamed straight into the station and started blasting Cardassians together with the other friends. Feeling that I didn't make much progress I decided to leave the fleet action and go do something different. But I got lucky and shot one of the legates and got the code for the force fields and decided to try and stay a little longer. Getting tired of the fleet action again, I decide that I'm going to try and run through all the Cardassians and try to close down the forcefield. Surprisingly, I made it through the whole mob of Cardassians and unlock the shield without even one of the firing at me. Which was cool. I was playing around for a while, seeing that none of the Cardassians would shoot at me as long as I didn't shoot at them first. This enabled me to run around, shoot legates for the codes, save the orb, save the guy and disable the self-destruct without even dieing once. Which is kind of cool in a way, but I suppose that this is not how it's supposed to work. Or is it? And I totally missed out on the space part of the mission too, didn't realize there was one.

Just wanted to share my story as I thought it might be a bug.

I was in another instance too, where all the forcefields were down, but the game didn't register that, so we couldn't progress through the mission.

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