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Fleet Daedalus Omega is part of a Forum Role Player's community. That is exploring the option of expanding our rp community forum to include additional Fleets / Clans. This is a good chance for newly started fleets to get involved with other rp fleets under the same forum space. Where the various members can share short stories, open story lines, and universal dice rolling rules. Klingon, Custom aliens, or Federation Fleets wanted. Individuals are encouraged to contact one of the following fleets to get involved as a single character or a fleet!

We are put high priority on RP and if you wish must contact us ICly in game to be considered as a candidate.

Fleet Daedalus Omega seeking Science Officers!
If interested, contact Nyoko@GolbezLunar

The House of D'k Tahg seeking all warriors
If interested, Send K'Vack@Sufferblade a tell. General S'raka@Eric9248

* Serious Role Playing - On going story lines hosted by members of the fleet. Missions passed down the chain of command by the Fleet's Admiral where success and failures have effects over all story lines. As well as catering to those who wish to advance their Starfleet Career slowly.

* Weekly Events - Featuring Fleet Meetings, Fleet Actions, Group appearance at Public RP Events, Daily Mission Tasks.

* Friendly & Acceptive Group Home to several Ex-Neverwinter Nights Players. A well as beginner role players to advance their role playing skill.

* PVP - Role Playing Wars with Klingon Fleets.

* In Character Recruitment Process - Recruitment is handled on an IC level as your character must submit a transfer form from another part of Starfleet

* In Character Ranks - Starfleet Ranks are earned threw role playing as excellent officers exemplifying Starfleet Regulations or Heroic Starship Captaining. The fleet has a chain of command strictly IC Based, as well as an OOC administrator.

* Voice Chat - None. (Identity respect, just gaming.)

* Private Story Boards - A message board to post your logs, to start story lines, and to write short fiction to advance your characters.

* Time Zone Activity - Eastern Standard, GMT

Our Most Recent RP Event:
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