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# 1 Can't get out of Full Impulse!
04-10-2010, 11:12 AM
I can't get out of Full Impulse...

also when i switch to another map / change instance or whatever, i also logged out, and restarted the game.

When i log in my energy setting is set on full impulse, clicking the full impulse button has no effect.

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# 2
04-12-2010, 01:43 PM
That's very odd. I located your Bug Report, at least. I have a idea of what to do, but I have some questions first which might help me figure out what caused this.

Can you tell me how long this has been happening?
Does it happen on every system space map? (Sector space doesn't count.)
Have you tried switching ships?
Have you changed engines?
Have you tried changing your power settings?
Can you manually click and un-click the full impulse power? (I saw in the report that the engine power was full, but I couldn't tell if the full impulse button looked active.)
Have you altered your keybinds in any way? How about resetting them to defaults?
Do you have any non-standard input devices (macro-enabled keyboard, etc.)?
Have you had problems with any powers associated with kits, weapons, shields, etc., not functioning properly?

Answering most of those questions will give me a good place to figure out what's going on here. Thanks!
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# 3
04-12-2010, 03:24 PM
I've been meaning to fill a report but I've got something similar. Twice when I've joined FvF Cracked Planet I've started the round with Full Impulse stuck on. Both times I was in Battle Group Omega( or Gamma or whatever it is) with Full Impulse on but my speed set to 0. The Full Impulse button above the speed selector is will make the full impulse activation chirp sound when I press it and the key I have bound for it but nothing happens. The button is not blinking when I join the map though if I hit it repeatedly it might start flashing, I don't remember. Ship power levels will remain maxed to engines. I can, however, get out of it by opening fire or activating a skill that puts me into a combat state. That's about all I have, I'll try to remember to do some experimenting with it and put in a bug report.

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