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04-14-2010, 05:02 AM
Well, in some how the name doesen't suite to Klingons completly.
But its Canon, and it sounds cool I thing.

Anyway: looking closer to the series its not so inappropriate. Im mean: they are always woried about others trieng to infilrtate und destabilise the Empire. Thats the primary reason why they attack. Thats their way of defense.
When before DS9 have we ever seen Klingons Conquering without purpose of defense? And even there it was not entirely senseless.

Although Crpytik obviously has that impression, Klingons are no Orcs. They are not just "in somehow eveil because.... we need bad guys", that might have been the case in TOS, but not after that. (I hate that "Back to war" story)

That might be a little off Topic but just imagine for a minute: STO witthout a Klingon federation war.
They could still be allied. We would have access to the same places; we could have the same Story missions with slight changes in the text, even combined teams.
And we wouldnt have to give up anything: In the beginning of the PvP battles it says "let the Wargames begin" anyway.
Would any of you really care if the PvP just would be "Wargames" instead of "War" from the story background? They would work the exact same way, since you cant conquer terretorys it wouldnt have any negative effect.
The war-storyline i good for nothing.
Klingon and Federation were allied since Kithomer. In DS9 they already tried to make Klingons the bad guys again, but they very soon regognized nobody liked that idea and gave in up soon. And anyway: the empire is much more interesting as an unpredictable allied then as a stupid orc-like enemy.

And well: If we could have mixrd teams: Imagine what happens when they add Cardassians and Romulans as mixed teams as new Fractions.
Every side would have a Cloak fraction, the Roms could be Focused more on Science like the Fed, the Card. Focused on Tacticals like the Klingons.
Could be a nice balance.

But no... just make war everyone against everyone. Like in that Series... Star Trek.... it was about war, wasnt it? (<--- thats sarcasm, before anybody gets it wrong with my bad english^^)

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