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# 1 So THIS is grouping in STO?
04-14-2010, 07:31 AM
I think this game rocks and has a lot of potential! I also REALLY enjoy group content, I've always played support (enchanter in EQ) or healers (shammy in WOW) among other similar classes over the years.

That said, party play is a joke. I've recently become RA5 and have ran infected twice, once with success. I FINALY completed Cure last night with an awesome group of 3 scis an Eng and a Tact.

From the moment I stepped into these missions, everythings chaos. Dieing over and over is not a big deal (in fact it feels almost inevitable). Its like a giant zergfest in space and on ground.I rolled a science officer so I could be a medic and feel important to the group. Try solo healing in that chaos... wow. My thoughts are what happens when there is a death penalty?? Either they'll need to decrease the difficulty or increase healing capabilities. When all I have are 4 skills with 10 second or more cooldowns to heal, I don't feel like I'm saving the day much, especially solo healing.

The goals and story lines are decent. The encounters are alright. But the feel of the mission crawls is off. I'm not tryin to pick on cryptic. But after playing for 3 weeks leveling up to RA solo with basically 0 group content, then being pushed into that madness at max rank, it feels very akward.

Put a few challenging STFs in at the end of each rank or something. Nice transitional STFs that make levleing a little more interesting. Stuff that would get people used to grouping and working together. As it stands right now, 3 raid-like encounters with nothing but one or two Fleet Actions before hand doesn't get anyone prepared

Anyway, just my 2 cents

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