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Welcome to The Sigma Reserves!

The Sigma Reserves is a casual, PVE-centric, non-RP fleet. We started off in CO under the name Weekend Champions and made our way over here.

As a more casual oriented fleet, we realize that there is more to life than just gaming. You play on your schedule, not ours. If you suddenly have to leave to take care of something, then go for it. No one will get on your back about it. We also donít have any requirements for how many hours you play per day/week/whatever. We have several members who play for only a few hours per week. You will also never be booted from the fleet for long periods of inactivity. If you donít log on for a few weeks or a month, thatís cool. Weíll still be here for you when you come back. Itís all about what we can do for you, not what you can do for us.

We will be looking to run the STFs and any other endgame type content that Cryptic comes out with, but we arenít looking to run them on any sort of set schedule. These will be more of a ďIf enough people are logged on and want to run it, then we will run itĒ kind of thing. Participation in these events is never mandatory. Even if you are logged on and simply donít want to run it, thatís totally fine. We wonít force you to do anything. We have successfully completed Infected several times, so we will be looking to keep going forward.

In addition to STO we still have our CO chapter. This is great for people who play both games. While we have some members who are completely dedicated to either STO or CO, many of our members like to hop between games depending on their mood. We have a custom chat channel that we created so that all of our members can talk with each other no matter which game they are on. Yes, our chat channel is cross game! So no matter which game you feel like playing, there will be someone to chat with. Our CO chapter was created with the same mindset as The Sigma Reserves, mainly that it is a casual, PVE-centric, non-RP SG. I will clarify though that you do not have to play CO to join us or if you play CO that you have to join our CO chapter, it is merely another option for people who play both.

Our requirements for joining are simple. All we ask is that you have respect for you fellow fleet members. We are also a more adult oriented fleet. While we donít have curse words and vulgarity flying around all the time (we like to keep it somewhat clean) I would expect our chat to be a bit more adult in nature. Age isnít an issue, but some maturity is required.

So whatís the catch here? Well, I will tell what it is and I wonít lie, it might push some people away but it might bring in some people as well. That catch is this: We have no website and no vent server. What?? Yes thatís right, we really donít have a website or vent server. No pesky applications or signing up for some forums that probably no one would use. No vent server so you donít have to listen to some little kidís voice. Oh, before you ask Ė Yes, we did complete Infected without vent or any voice chat. Shocking I know. We found that we didnít really have a need for any of this stuff outside of the game. We made this fleet with the idea that we can come together in the one place we all have in common: STO.

In the end what it comes down to is this: Weíre basically just a bunch of guys that like to hang out, goof off, and play some Star Trek. If this sounds like something you are interested in you can either leave a post in this thread or send a tell in game to one of the following people:


See you in space!

Your ever so slightly insane Fleet Admiral,
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04-07-2010, 05:29 PM
Oh I forgot to add, we are mostly a PST/EST based fleet that plays in the evenings. However, any and all time zones are welcome. It just might be a tad quiet on PST/EST off hours.
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04-08-2010, 10:45 PM

*the Join or Die comment is not in any way construed as a literal statement, nor does it imply that you will in fact die if you fail to join our fantastic Fleet in STO. * *

* *Sigma Reserves not responsible for comments made by fleet members whose name begins with the letter V.

But you should totally join ! ! !
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04-09-2010, 01:44 PM
You're the worst recruiter ever lol.

Originally Posted by Veigo
* *Sigma Reserves not responsible for comments made by fleet members whose name begins with the letter V.
Especially if the rest of your name ends in "eigo". :p
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04-14-2010, 03:02 PM
I still see a lot of people looking around for fleets in game and on the forums, so back to the top for those still looking around.

So if you're looking around for a smaller, laid back fleet come check us out!

Also, welcome to our newest member, TheGreatLopan! Glad to have you aboard man.

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