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04-14-2010, 02:53 PM
Originally Posted by Kor_Dahar_Master View Post
All the content is for "casual" and "hardcore" players, the only diff is that the hardcore can do it faster.

Unfortunatly apart from making every mission fully zergable by numpties who think hammering fire all weapons over and over = skill their will be very little content for unbelievably crappy players.
I apologize i mis stated what i meant and Kor_dahar_master cleared it up for me what i should have said. is they werendt designed for a casual pickup group to walkthrough.. they can do it however it may be extremely difficult and frusterating for you to finish.. where me and Kor_Dahar_Master and our team completed the cure in 49 minutes withouit skipping any trash mobs no exploits it may take a pug to complete it in 4 hours or more? thats all i meant i shouldnt have said you cant do it... well because you can, I met Kor in a PUG and we started grouping together and have ever since owned these instances =D my biggest bit of advice is meet or try to meet some people that enjoy a good challenge.. than group together alot and round out yer group formation ships duties etc etc.. eventually you will laugh at how easy this stuff is and enjoy a good challenge

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