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Fleet Daedalus Omega is a role playing community with a strict role playing expectation, looking for players who share that same standard. We feature normal sub-heroic characters as captain’s facing the daily mission challenges of getting there crew threw safely and pursuing a career as a Starfleet officer. The fleet it’s self is classified as a general multi-divisional core. This fleet focuses on mission’s average missions such as exploration, war fronts, patrols and the character’s interactions with other captains leaving the special missions for specific specialized squadrons.

But more importantly the fleet puts a strong emphasis on character creativity rather then levels gear and loot. The fleet uses message boards to bring the community together and act as database network connecting all the officers of our fleet, and tool to post your short stories for everyone’s reading leisure It should be made clear that when you join our role playing community that you are ready to role play your character for better or for worst, and in a professional manner. Which means that your playing a character that working to establish his career, and forge there own legacy.

Serious Role Playing – The standard of role playing is a high bar that everyone who plays is expected to reach, or learn how to reach it. Our Game Master Hosts safe guard our storylines and provide challenges for your starship captain to over come with dice rolls in a very pen and paper manner.

Starfleet Career – All players interested in joining the fleet are encouraged to create a career from scratch. This will allow you to develop your character’s career, gear, and items threw in-depth storyline, missions, and personal merits. Transferring characters with ranks beyond Jr Officers are selective.

Starfleet Ranks – Promotions and Ranks are intricate part of our gaming rewards. These titles, and commissions are awarded to you for showing time, dedication, and command excellence.

Weekly Events – Events are hosted by Game Masters, or Missions are completed by squadrons assembled with by officers roughly all the same rank. These events are scheduled at the mandatory Sunday meeting. Successful mission warrant rp rewards, and access to more guild privileges.

Voice Chat – None (All players are here to role play.)

Private Story Boards – A message board to post your logs, to respond to story lines, and write short fiction on it.

Additional Guilds – Now accepting newly made fleets Klingon, Alien, or Fed

Telepath Characters – Restricted

Time Zone Activity – Eastern Standard Time and GMT

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04-15-2010, 03:38 AM
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04-15-2010, 05:59 AM

Just to let you know, your group shot 404's


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