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I appriciete the effort put into to these but at present all the space parts are just a constant death match and respawn.

The Infected for example. Five players just can't survive against waves of borg sphere doing 600 dmg a time with their beams. I've ran in it multiple times and it's the same die and respawn events. Either Borg dps needs lowered or there needed to less waves of adds so the encounter doesn't require costant respawning.

The Cure. Much the same as above and players get swarmed again by sphere. The tact cube takes a while to dps down.

The Khitmoter Accords - Worse part of them at the beginning. Players just can't survive against wave upon wave of spheres. Two of them can destroy a ship with seconds. Again either less spawns or Borg damage needs to lowered. It's just not fun exploding for 5th time. The tactical cube just takes a while to burn down if the grp isn't high on damage ;/.

With the DP suggested by players as something they want to see then STF's need to work with the changes and with borg getting buffed in almost every patch it would make running STF's an exercise in patience and not something fun to do.

Just some random thoughts

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