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Just want to make sure the top notch talent hears about this.

Will you Premade guys who know what you are doing go over to Tribble and give these Cryptic newbs an ass-whoopin please? I don't think the DEVs have any clue how the good PvPers play STO, because they have been listening to and reacting to advice from PUGs in PvP for too long.

I will happily donate a set of entirely rare (blue) MK X ground gear to the person who FRAPs a Premade Science Skill beat down of DEVs on Tribble tonight, making your away team the baddest bunch of non-Borg NPCs on the server. If it is a 15/0 match where the DEVs look super stupid on FRAPs, I'll deck out all 4 of your away team members in BG/RA rare.
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04-16-2010, 06:19 PM
so, who won?
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04-16-2010, 08:09 PM
I dont know if you know this or not, but the DEVs continually monitor all PvP in the live server as well as PvE to my knowlege. Tribble is for testing things, not showing off your goodybag (think I spelled goodybag right). And while I would have loved to go in there and tear open a can of popeye sized beatdown on the DEVs, it just wouldnt be worth it in the short or long run. The game will progress based off the live server, not the tribble server. Tribble is for testing while the live is for playing.

I do think you meant well, and if I had not had to work I would have gotten on tribble, but I do 99% space PvP since I like flying the BoP and teaching fedbears not to smack talk our newer PvPing klinks. When a BoP is fully outfitted with the right skillset, nothing will live for more than a second or two if they dont get off RSP or a really good shield stacking buff. But, that is neither here nor there. The point is I guess I have my gear for me, my bridge officers, and my ship that is the best that is currently available. Only thing I would like right now is a better shield, but flying a BoP is like flying a paper airplane in a hurricane sometimes. Hope that made you chuckle, it did me lol.

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