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# 1 A Sticky for Rage Quitters!
04-18-2010, 07:49 PM
I want to beat up Cryptic with DIPLOMACY!

No seriously,
most of these posts say the same things about the game. I get it, these things need work. However, if folks would be so kind as to demonstrate their achievement of a well-earned high school diploma (or the British/European equivalent) in a fashion such as reading instead of producing a wall of text, I think they would find the answers to their concerns or the reality of a situation that will not work for them.

So here's my fort of text!

Let us say for Instance, diplomacy, as it needs work and possibly more than two (or is it one?) mission(s), we can use it as an example for something that rage quitters could read about first before presenting me a wall of tears that take the shape of words as they splash upon the internets. Diplomacy is in the works. Cryptic is at work on this. Should it have been there to begin with? Maybe. I don't know. This is a video game created for gamers that wanted to game in Star Trek-

- which brings me to reality. As beloved as Star Trek is, I happen to notice that there are no shows. That there are no TNG movies made anymore. There are no movies of the two series that followed, and Enterprise was canceled on the season where it finally decided to be Star Trek. JJ Abrams movie sold. Not a lot of "hard-core" trekkies like that, but then, they also complain about the action and continuity errors like those sort of things never happened in Star Trek to begin with.
The point is, Star Trek as TNG knew it doesn't sell today. Star Trek as the 60s knew it does not sell today. Those big borg processors on 7 of 9's chest aren't making producers happy anymore.

Cryptic made a game that would sell. They did it in two years due to contractual agreements. Two years... gives you problems in an MMO of being half complete versus the norm of three quarters complete.

Some things Cryptic can do for you. They can make more missions. They can give you diplomacy and first contact.

They can not change the entire nature of their game over-night. That's just not feasible. There is a core game here that to take out would mean designing a new game. That would take more than two years without a template to move off of. Plus, nobody is going to back that with monetary funds right now.

You could say that maybe the developers owe you that. Well... this isn't communism as much as Gene Roddenberry might've wished it to be, and nobody owes you a thing. If you want a Star Trek that looks pretty and does the things you want it to, make it happen.

- there

So maybe a little reality/sanity check would be awesome every now and then. Also, reading is good. Some people claim that it keeps you informed.
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04-18-2010, 08:03 PM
Agreed. This game, like the new Star Trek movie, was made to appeal to a wider audience than just hard- core Star Trek fans. The franchise is basically dead. In order for it to survive it has to change with the times. What made Star Trek popular in the 60's and late 80's has not made Star Trek popular to the youth of today. Hard-core Trek fans are just going to have to bite the bullet and evolve with it or live in the past.
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04-18-2010, 09:32 PM
You know this is a resonable analysis. Its true Trek has evolved over time. The core of the show was really supposed to be a way to comment on plotical/cultural topics of the times that were off limits. Its one of the reasons the original bridge crew was so diverse. Couched in a sci-fi settimg it was ok.

Now fourty years later the same concept applies but the hot button topics have changed. That forces a changed to the show to make it, as Simon on Idol says, relevant. However, it also means making the game relevant as well. If you use this logic our current setting really is relevant. The world toayd is a terrible place to live. Famine and death every where. Genocide in Africa. Disaster after disater racking the far east. Terrorists. The US is fighting wars in two countires... I could go on but you get the point. If you pur our world today into a game people from the sixties would cry out that it is to violent. Yet we live in this world and likely don't think our world today is to violent. Yet our movies and game reflect this. Including this one.

Times have changed and Star Trek has evolved with it. The core values remain the same taking into acount what Gene creates Star Trek to do in the first place.

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