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# 1 Looking for Fleet
04-18-2010, 11:40 AM
Recently resign from previous fleet due to severe drop in activity, so player up for grabs here. I usually do dailys when I'm not bogged down by my school work. I have no problems working in a team. Following rules and regulations are no problem for me. What I am looking for is an active fleet, where most members are over the age of 18, that runs the STF's on a fairly regular basis.

What I have to offer to the Fleet
Lifetime Subscriber, I'll be in game till the server closes.
7 Characters
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Klingon Empire Klingon Tactical Officer - BoP Captain (Alt)
Klingon Empire Liberated Borg Klingon Engineering Officer - Battle Cruiser Captain (Alt)
1 Freespot for later use
Vent Capable

Looking forward to joining a new fleet in the near future.
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# 2
04-18-2010, 11:53 AM
Hey There,

We'd be happy to have you join us, we run raids daily and have various other events going on, we are an active fleet with members mainly in the US, and a growing number of EU / UK people.

Our site and our events can be found here:

You can get in touch via the forums , irc or ingame - @ementalo, @phyriall, @neotekgeek or @azesh.
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# 3
04-18-2010, 03:20 PM
Sorry to hear your other fleet didn't work out.

May I ask you to look at us, The Shadows. We're still growing, and let our players play as they wish. We have many members running Raids now, and it seems to be growing every few days. We also have a healthy number of 'lifers' and now have a KDF fleet as well.

Instead of just listing things like mature, casual, TeamSpeak, etc. I'll ask you visit our website at as it's all described there in a easy to read manner format

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope you find a good fleet to join.

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# 4
04-18-2010, 06:15 PM
The VKF is growing quickly, but there are still a number of open positions in leadership. If you are an experienced leader in MMOs, if you enjoy helping others, or if you just want to be involved in the management of a Fleet, look us over!

Visit us at

Some info to help you decide:

We are medium RP. We respect RL considerations and don't enforce constant group activity. We only require that you provide valuable contributions to the Fleet, in terms of information on gameplay, career progression, mission tips, resource hints, and any other information that you or any other Fleet member would find useful and helpful. Your Fleet-mates will help you with everything from basic concepts to complex tactics and battle strategy, to help you progress in the game and have a thoroughly enjoyable and enriched in-game experience.

We are worldwide and have players in many timezones. We actively pursue alliances with other Federation Fleets. Plus, we all game at varying schedules, so there's always a fleet member (or ally) available to team with in-game.

Our Fleet is organized for matrix management:

We have Four Wings:
Fleet Matters Wing
Administrative Wing
PvP Wing
PvE Wing

Our Fleet is headed by our Fleet Admiral, Sybok Kuhr.

Our Fleet Matters Wing is headed by our Fleet Admiral and is where we discuss game strategy and tactics, as well as internal Fleet Management and Leadership.

Our Administrative Wing is headed by our Fleet XO, and is where we discuss issues such as career progression, recruiting, foreign relations (including alliances with other Fleets), Intelligence, Fleet Forum management, and Supply.

Our PvP Wing is where our Battle Group Commanders and Strike Team leaders and Fleet members discuss PvP activity.

Our PvE Wing is where our Task Force Commanders and Patrol Team Leaders and Fleet members discuss PvE activity.

For most Fleet members, you will report to the officer in charge of your career field, plus the officer in charge of your PvP group, and the officer in charge of your PvE group. This matrix management is set up to help you progress in your career field, and enrich your in-game experiences in both PvP and PvE. Fleet members can choose whether to focus on PvP or PvE, or work both. Our PvP and PvE Wings are primarily for in-game activity, but you'll find lots of good information on their forums that can help you whether you are in group play or playing solo.

Fleet members can also rely on the officers of the Administrative Wing to assist them with all aspects of STO. You'll get good intel from the Chief Intelligence Officer, access to the Fleet Bank and lots of game resources from the Chief Supply Officer, and of course elp with your career field progression from your Chief Engineering Officer, Chief Science Officer, or Chief Tactical Officer.

We hope this information helps you to decide that the VKF is right for you. Visit today!
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# 5
04-18-2010, 06:16 PM
We are not large, but not small, and we are growing.
We are the VKF, but our members are from many races and characteristics, and we all value logic.
We are worldwide and our members have unique gameplaying schedules that often coincide even across many timezones.
We have a Ventrilo server for voice commo.
We have a Fleet Bank stocked with items to help you equip, and to help you craft.
We have Fleet uniforms, both dress and combat.
We have an active Fleet forum at and there is a lot of good information and intel there to help you in STO.
We have dedicated Fleetmates who will be there with you in the crunch, who are happy to replay missions that are new to you, to help you and let you use your character's skills and your own talents to achieve victory.
We have full Fleet members who participate on both our Fleet forum and in-game, and in-game only Fleet members.
We respect RL always, and never trouble anyone over an extended absence due to RL considerations.
We actively seek out alliances with other STO Fleets to expand the cadre of potential team-mates and further the cause of Fleet needs in STO and with Cryptic.

We have two hard and fast requirements for full Fleet members - share information and intel with your Fleetmates, and team with your Fleetmates - both of which need only be done when it is convenient for you. There are no quotas or mandated meetings and such. All other resources and aspects of the VKF are optional.

We have only one hard and fast requirement for in-game only Fleet members - team with your Fleetmates - whenever it is convenient for you. Again, no quotas or mandated meetings, and everything else is optional for your use if you want it/to.

We exist to enrich the STO experience for our members, and to promote honor in STO. VKF members do not camp, kill steal, grief, or do anything that would diminish the enjoyment of STO for any other gamer. We will fight with honor so that even our Klingon enemies respect us as we defeat them with our superior intellect, cold logic, impeccable analysis, and tightly coordinated teamwork. We value logic, but also hearken back to the early days of Vulcan, when Vulcans were much more warlike (similar to Earth's ancient Spartans) - although in 2409, we have learned to use emotion as a tool like so many others we have mastered. After all, it is only logical to use controlled rage to take down an opponent quickly.

To our friends, allies, and all Federation members, we say Live Long and Prosper. To our honored enemies, we will Live Long and Subdue!
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# 6
04-18-2010, 09:44 PM
While I'm sure you'll be heavily recruited, I do hope you'll visit Fleet 187 before making a final decision. Think about it... you can actually VISIT a fleet, see what they have to offer, learn a little about their members... or you can just pick one from all the generic cookie cutter posts you'll get. The 1-8-7 uses vent, has a website, and like you, likes to run the STFs a few nights a week. We don't do them nightly but we do have players who do runs on a regular basis... in fact, we had more players wanting to run tonight than spots available. Why did I just say that? Simple. We can use more people who do them so we can send in more teams. Anyway, take a visit to and see what we have to offer. I think you'll be glad you did.
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# 7 Clan Hunters
04-19-2010, 12:02 AM
Hey illustrious

I run an active international Fleet, of mature, helpful people

we use vent, and run about 2-5 STF's everyday.

check us out if you like...

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# 8
04-19-2010, 12:11 AM
Greetings, the 12th fleet might be just your thing.

The average age in our fleet is around 30 years I think, basicly most people in the fleet are married with children and mature adults.

We're a large and well established fleet and running STFs happens pretty much on a daily basis. If you want more info about us then please read this topic
It has all the relevant information inside. ^_^
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# 9
04-19-2010, 05:51 AM
are you still looking or did you make a decision already. we at the 4th fleet are mature, friendly and structured. we have members from all over the world. we use team speak as our form of communication. it is required to attend the replacement academy its very easy and helps you learn about our fleet and helps you to enjoy the game more. if you are interested in joining one of the best fleets in game apply at you can also read our history, structure, and what is expected from our members at
we are a laid back fleet. we do not have any drama and wont put up with any.

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