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04-20-2010, 02:25 PM
Guess I should post in here, heh. 40K is one of my three favorite universes ever, the other two being Star Trek and my own universe in my own games/writing. I've been playing since late 2002, back when we didn't have spiffy starter kits like Assault on Black Reach.

I've been playing Space Marines the whole time, doing my own Chapter, the Lords of Oblivion. My avatar is taken from a piece of art I commissioned a guy to do of Captain Tiburin, head of my Chapter's 3rd Company, which is my tabletop army. In recent years, I've branched out to do Chaos Space Marine and Eldar armies, though those are largely incomplete. Plus the built and partially painted Orks of two AoBR kits. I have a gallery of some of what I've painted at and extensive literary works hosted at the Bolter and Chainsword's Librarium, including background articles on both the Lords of Oblivion and my Shadow Acolytes Renegades, plus a published short story (with a second that'll get published as soon as I get around to writing the ending for it, heh) called Swords and Shadows (it's about my Renegades).

Unfortunately, where I live now (west Michigan), there's not much of a gaming scene, so I haven't gotten to play since last December. I'm hoping to try and get some sort of gaming club for 40K started at my school. I have enough terrain for two tables, and, having multiple armies (all told I have almost 20,000 points of models), I can easily hook people up if they're interested in playing but don't have the parts. I miss living in Florida, though. The game store was across the street from my apartment complex, and was some VERY stiff competition. I miss the tournament scene, and would love to get back into it, and maybe FINALLY earn a full-blown membership in the 40K Wrecking Crew, rather than just be a "friend of the club".

As for video games, loved Dawn of War (even if I couldn't actually get my Chapter's scheme in the army painter without hacking the texture files), loved DoW II (even if the army painter was somehow worse), haven't gotten Chaos Rising yet, I probably will after my semester ends. Also looking forward to the MMO, it's the only other MMO besides STO I have any intention of playing at this point. I tried applying for a position on the development team (as I'm trying to get into the video game industry) but didn't get picked for it, unfortunately. Guess the fact I'm not done with my bachelor's yet probably had an impact (I decided to do a stint in the Army first, so now I get to play catch-up with my education, heh). Ah, well. Would have been freaking awesome.

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