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# 1 Self Destruct... next?
04-20-2010, 10:59 PM
I was rather surprised that no one seems to have brought this up thus far, and I first noticed it after the patch that nerfed SD, and though: Since it's useless, why do we still have it?
NOW, with the coming DP, I further think it is a redundant admiral skill. So, what to do? Well, I propose simply adding a new skill in it's place. Perhaps a poll on new skill ideas taken from everything people (hopefully) suggest here?

I racked my brain to think of something to replace SD, and I found it hard to come up with something that wouldn't drastically affect the already drastically affected gameplay. So, how's this suggestion: Just like the ground skill, replace it with a space skill to reset the timers, which of course takes longer itself to reset (the ground skill takes 120sec, yes?), seems simple enough, yes? I know it would be usefull in PvE, STF and PvP, so, thoughts?

Also, I never brought it up because I though it was a glitch, and I didn't petition it as I still have unanswered petitions (thanks though for sorting the ones you did, beers on me), and then finally I read a bunch of other people talking about the useless SD skill, so it's not just me :p

/end wall of text

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