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# 11 fick yih
04-21-2010, 02:34 AM
I went klingon as soon as i could. when i made a gorn i deleted my fed and played only klingon. i leveled entirely pvp. ITS NOT HARD LOL CAKES WTF I DID NOT DO ONE PVE MISSION AND I GOT TO BG5 AHAHAHA. anyway after i got bored on my awesome gorn i rolled a fed, and let me tell you its so boring that it is hard haha. I find myself queueing for pvp more fun than missioning. then i got bored and i made another gorn anyway i just got to say that STOBEE'S KLINGON IS ONLY LT CMDR 4 KEKEKEKEKEKEKEKE AND HE'S LIKE WTF WE GET NOTHING OK THANKS BYE GORNS ARE AWESOME.

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