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# 1 Looking for a Fleet
04-18-2010, 10:17 PM
Here's about me.

I've played STO a month.

I have 2 chars, 1 RA5 Marty, 2nd LC7 Marto (probably going to delete him) BOTH SCIENCE & Joined trills I have 3 Slots open plan to have a Klingon maybe some others.

I have multimillion credits and my bank is full. This means I don't need anything I can't get myself.

I spend most everyday on here. from 5:30pm to 12:00am CST. -6 GMT M-F and lots during the weekend.

I usually play PVE and mess around sometimes on PVP (which is mostly a mess ) I enjoy mostly SPACE vs. Ground.

I am in my late 30's age wise.

I am here to relax and get away from real life so I'm not a die hard in character player.

What I am looking for is a established fleet. WHO doesn't have all these rules about have to be on the forums here or theirs everyday. I spend too much time playing and messing about in the game to read messages all day long.

I want to have fun and enjoy myself but looking for a nice group to buzz around with. I get so bored running circles and climbing on the starbase walls.

You must have a fleet website.

I don't need or want to listen to garbage nonstop on voice (VENT I guess is what they call it)

I would prefer 5 or more players playing in the game at a time. THIS MEANS ACTIVE PEOPLE
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# 2 Clan Hunters
04-18-2010, 11:25 PM

Check out my fleet if you like

we got 15+ members online most of the time.

we have website, forums, photo gallery, etc

we have 2-5 infected, cure, etc events everyday

we play both fed and kling

use of vent is optional but recommended for pvp, and pve missions

we do not have any activity requirements for our members, we know you have lives...

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# 3
04-19-2010, 12:06 AM
I think the 12th fleet might be your thing, we have a lot of people from your age group and are generally a large and well established fleet. We do have teamspeak (a voice client) but you don't have to listen to it or be logged in all the time, though it's appreciated if you join.
I actually have a lot of fun convo's there myself with people, but I'm not always logged in myself either since it can be quite distracting as well if you just want to play. :p
We do have a monthly meeting there to keep members informed about changes, but we try to keep those meetings as short as possible, run them efficiently and keep it informative.

We have a website, and you don't need to be active on our website every day, though once a month we do do a check to see who is still active on the forums and in the game.

Generally the main goal in the 12th fleet is to have fun playing STO with each other and our admirality tries to facilitate this as much as possible. Basicly I see my main function as admiral to take away as many things that distract people from enjoying the game while being in our fleet. People are encouraged to take initiates in the fleet and set things up (for example we plan to make fleet videos in the future, which should be a lot of fun) but joining all this is optional and not obligatory.
Since you have 2 guys at max level you might wanna visit the forums occasionally to find a group faster to run the special task force missions, but generally asking in-game can get you a group too. ^_^

For more information about us you should go to
It has all the relevant information inside.

Hope to hear from you soon!
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We are not large, but not small, and we are growing.
We are the VKF, but our members are from many races and characteristics, and we all value logic.
We are worldwide and our members have unique gameplaying schedules that often coincide even across many timezones.
We have a Ventrilo server for voice commo.
We have a Fleet Bank stocked with items to help you equip, and to help you craft.
We have Fleet uniforms, both dress and combat.
We have an active Fleet forum at and there is a lot of good information and intel there to help you in STO.
We have dedicated Fleetmates who will be there with you in the crunch, who are happy to replay missions that are new to you, to help you and let you use your character's skills and your own talents to achieve victory.
We have full Fleet members who participate on both our Fleet forum and in-game, and in-game only Fleet members.
We respect RL always, and never trouble anyone over an extended absence due to RL considerations.
We actively seek out alliances with other STO Fleets to expand the cadre of potential team-mates and further the cause of Fleet needs in STO and with Cryptic.

We have two hard and fast requirements for full Fleet members - share information and intel with your Fleetmates, and team with your Fleetmates - both of which need only be done when it is convenient for you. There are no quotas or mandated meetings and such. All other resources and aspects of the VKF are optional.

We have only one hard and fast requirement for in-game only Fleet members - team with your Fleetmates - whenever it is convenient for you. Again, no quotas or mandated meetings, and everything else is optional for your use if you want it/to.

We exist to enrich the STO experience for our members, and to promote honor in STO. VKF members do not camp, kill steal, grief, or do anything that would diminish the enjoyment of STO for any other gamer. We will fight with honor so that even our Klingon enemies respect us as we defeat them with our superior intellect, cold logic, impeccable analysis, and tightly coordinated teamwork. We value logic, but also hearken back to the early days of Vulcan, when Vulcans were much more warlike (similar to Earth's ancient Spartans) - although in 2409, we have learned to use emotion as a tool like so many others we have mastered. After all, it is only logical to use controlled rage to take down an opponent quickly.

To our friends, allies, and all Federation members, we say Live Long and Prosper. To our honored enemies, we will Live Long and Subdue!
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# 5
04-19-2010, 11:10 PM
Thanks for the offers.

I've joined ClanHunters I'll be with them as long as they are active.
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# 6 57th Squadron
04-21-2010, 08:22 AM
Check us out, we are a mature, social gaming fleet with TeamSpeak and website. For more info go to
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# 7
04-21-2010, 09:14 AM
I am glad you found a Fleet that you like. If you don't mind please talk with your Fleet Management and see if they would be willing to send an Ambassador to the VKF. We are always looking to further the spirit of friendship and goodwill through alliances.

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