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# 1 FBP & Tac on Tribble
04-21-2010, 04:06 PM
Right now on Tribble some of the biggest complaints are coming in about how FBP is doing far more damage and potentially 1 shotting Escorts/BoP that use cannons. Another long time complaint is Escorts/BoP using their Alpha Strike to quickly one shot people in pvp. The one thing both have in common is how well debuffs work in this game and how well they stack. Undebuffed FBP is doing about the damage that it was supposed to do and if an escort doesnt apply FoMM and APB they dont drop other players excessively fast. They certainly taurnout more dps than other ships but cant seem to do the instant nuke that they can when these debuffs are applied.

My main experience with the escort debuffs is in pve where if I dont use them on a ship it takes longer to kill a cruiser type ship than it does for me to kill a battleship with the debuffs applied. On the latter I typically wont even lose my forward shields, I drop the mob so fast with the debuffs applied, and battleships are tougher than cruisers are.

Now other than removing the part of FBP that allows it to gain damage from debuffs I was thinking a general nerf to debuffs in one of two ways.

One keep the debuffs but maybe reduce the amount they debuff the opposition and DO NOT allow them to stack so that if you have say FoMM on a target you cannot apply APB also and any aoe debuffs like Sensor Scan wount affect mobs/players taht had a targeted debuff on them already.

Tw, and this is definately the most severe, is dump the whole resistance debuff concept and abilities in the game and just give a little bit of a boost to some of the player buffs instead.

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