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04-15-2010, 04:06 AM
Originally Posted by Ozzie223
i bought two G19's today. They will be here Friday hopefully. they have the macro recorder, macro keys (G-keys). i got the mice and they have already helped a ton. i was able to map "distribuye shields" and "fire all weapons" to one key, and my two combat bo abilites to another key. on ground i was able to combine some abilites + fire. i was able to play for 2 hours pve one handed. i hope the new keyboards will make the difference pvp one hand.
they will, no doubt, they will
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04-15-2010, 06:16 AM
Originally Posted by Skolle
If you've actually managed to suffer an RSI from playing STO then you need to take the following action:

1. Click the little computer icon next to your minimap.

2. Click the 'exit' button on the window that pops up.

3. Go to something else for a while, because you're clearly playing too much STO.
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04-22-2010, 04:33 AM
Checking back to this old thread for an update. The recap is I suffered a repetitive stress injury and could not play with both hands. I implemented some ideas to play a bit while my forearm is healing; some of the ideas came from good posters on this thread.

I bought a mouse with more than two buttons.
I bought a keyboard (Logitech G19) that allowed a user to record keystrokes with delays and bind them to a key.

It has reduced the frantic keyboard bashing by at least 60% for me, and I am able to play one handed. The mouse has two thumb buttons , and they let me map two clicks at once to each. Obviously helpful in ground (fire1,fire2, kit ability , kit ability) and space (fire all, bo ability, ect). I was managing ok with just the help from the mouse, pvp was too intense but it was fine for pve. Once I got the keyboard figured out (some creativity required getting how you want your G keys to work for each character) I can safely say once my brace comes off I will not be in danger of another injury. My wife is an all day computer user , and I set up the same setup for her too, to head off any problems in advance.

The solutions seem amenable to other games, mmporg and solo. Special thanks to Billy.Mays and Blackavaar.

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