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04-22-2010, 08:33 AM
Originally Posted by Pavehawk
In order to get more folks doing these they need to be changed from mind numbingly boring grinds with spikes of actue frustration into challenging FUN mini-raids. The problem now as I see it is that the developer in charge of these was an "A" student in mission design class except for the day he was home sick with the flu...the day(s) they covered fun.

Infected has the silly zerrgfest that is taking down the conduit, then the ground part that is now about perfect in difficulty but still a tad too long...but nobody new will ever know because they are scared to death from all the posts about how much this sucks.
All I know is myself and 4 other fleetmates have tried "The Infected" 2 times now...and both times have given up after Nodes start appearing in the very first room you clear after the Starbase personnel blockade. The last time we got to the hallway that goes down and gave up. Everyone gets tired of Die, Respawn, run to fight 100 more Borg, Die, Respawn, run even further to fight 120 borg, die, Respawn Run REAL FAR now, fight 200 borg, nauseum.

Not fun....

Now if you could unlock respawn points a room away...great. And it would be REALLY great if nodes didnt magically pop up in rooms you have cleared of borg and respawn points.

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