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One of my biggest pet peeves on Fleet actions is I can never use any ground spec'd BOs. As stated in the title I'd like to chose which BO to send on Fleet away mission and then control the BO. It is irratating to say the least to have BOs trained for ground engagments, but never use them in team play.

I like my Captain enough, but w/fixed skills and roles gets old especially in blob fests that are ground based fleet actions. Even without being able to use kits or Captain's abilities having the ability to use different skills and traits would be more enjoyable from a variaty of play perspective. This would also give players some working experience in other's specialized traits/skills, so should the player create a new Captain or try organize team they'll have a broader working knowledge on the subject matter.

From an RP perspective having Captain/R. Ads beam down solo w/o any other member makes no sense. It would make much more sense to send a BO or 2 with skillsets to achieve the mission at hand w/e that may be. Also, from RP organization perspective if some play w/Captain or R.Ad they would have a rank/grade based heirarchy in place to organize and give orders, ei some players would have RP basis to "lead" bark orders at others playing lower ranked BOs.

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