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04-25-2010, 08:49 PM
Originally Posted by Dave_Reel View Post

realy not fun sitting on a point for over 2 minutes in a 10min game. that means one point could take me about 20% of my gametime to capture. its rediculous and just plain more fun to go blow up some klingons. who cares if i lose the match. il get slightly les reward than the victor (like i need anymore reward, already at 1800 mk X medals and nothing to spend them on)

pvp these days for me is no longer about getting good stuff, its just about going in for some fun. very un MMO if u ask me.
On the other hand the more ships at the point the faster the capture. 2 minutes is for a single ship fully capturing a point alone.

Hack and hold is fun, although I personally would find it more fun that we can have a version of this game in a tachyon nebula or whatever so cloaks are disabled.

Erm what is un MMO about going in for fun? Games should be played for fun. Or am I missing the sarcasm tags?
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04-25-2010, 11:17 PM
there was no sarcasm, what i meant with it being un MMO (the gearing part or having something to do thats worth wile) is these days the only reason for me to do anything in this game is just pick something to shoot and do so. this in my opinion should not be a paid service but a one time deal. it looks to much like counter strike or something like that. u enter a map for one reason only and thats to score as much kills in a map/round as u can and be the victor. in an MMO especialy a button click one like this one u should have somthing more. that something more is usualy leveling, gearing, crafting. i
take wow for instance, ive played that game nonstop for 3 years, but today there ase still numerous ways in wich to improve myself, mostly gear but even in crafting there is stuff for me to do. (no im not going back to wow, after three years ive had it)
in this MMO u level to max in a week, gear to the max in 2 more weeks and im not even going to start about crafting here. so the only thing left to do after 3-4weeks is play counter strike/STO: pick a map, kill everything u see and be the victor. rinse and repeat. ill be the same in a year as i am today, just like counter strike.

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