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Well so far it's looking like an Atari console game... go figure.

The Universe is to small, it needs at least quadrupling in size on the existing area's, not new area's as those would need to be at least eight times the size of the current universe you have in place.

Exploration is far to limited to mission instances. On Star trek they didn't just go to a system and do a mission because Star Fleet told them to... they had a flight path to explore, and while exoploring they then got given missions from Star Fleet along those mission paths, along with distress signals, random anomoly formations, calls for assistance with a certain problem, fixing federation technology, random encounters and patrolling the borders. Changing to a Star Trek style instead of the linear "oh so done before" missiion format would mean that even if a player got to Admiral they still wouldn't have touched 20% of the gaming experience and would happily create a new character to use a different flight plan, do different missions and explore strange new worlds somewhere else.

Fleet Actions in my opinion are a good idea but it's just a set instance you go to when you want.... star trek never "just went to a fleet action when they felt" so maybe a good idea would be to randomly (configuring to spawn for all time zones randomly through say a week) spawn a "calling all ships! head to "placement system" to defend the Federation/Klingon or other faction not in game yet from a mass incursion from say the borg, or Undine and everyone must head there to fight for their faction.

End Game is to easy to get to, people are complaining about things to do... and no wonder. They should only just be getting to Admiral round about now. levelling is far to quick and far to easy. Maybe a good idea would be to stretch the cap to level 100, I don't mean add more skills, and an extra 55 levels.... I mean actually stretch it out. for instance captain to admiral has 11 levels at the moment, change it to 20 and make the current skill points stretch over those 20 levels, then cut down the amount of skill points gained per time, verying on what their doing a random pvp match could gain 10 skill points for a loss and 20 for a win, giving more incentive to actually win matches, missions could get 10 skill points for every section they have, so a basic "defend space station from attackers" would get 10, but a mission like the federation "wargames" mission would gain 80 skill points because it's a space then ground then space and so on mission. Also there should be a great deal more missions than it would take to level to endgame, giving a variation on missions for new characters to see thus taking away the monotony of making a new character.

Crafting is boring, silly and basically just "upgrading" and you can buy/purchase the same items and/or better. You should be able to choose what functions you want on kits, create dual damage weapons, invent new shield types, or build additions to current equiptment maybe... like a 2 second immunity to all damage on a shield that you activate once every five minutes or so, or scopes and targetting modules for weapons and armor. You should be able to purchase items to upgrade, including modules and the like from the exchange etc but not finished items which become bound, so if you build a "armor targetting compensator (+2 acc for 2 seconds<example>)" you can sell it, but if you add it to armor it makes the armor bound to you and can no longer be sold. However you could take the item off the armor and lose it to replace with a different item.

Exploration missions are mostly a monotony of boredom, bleh defend base from attacks again.... or scan a few items, or beam down and beat up a few mobs, or oh wow... beam down, click a few things and done... sometimes they "oh my" combine beaming down to beat up some mobs with clicking a few things... but you get the picture. These explores need more, maybe incorporate all of these and add sub-games to scanning stuff... like clearing up resolution, spectral ananlysis, beaming a sample so a containment field and analysing compositions, with the beaming down and clicking you could add sub-games to fix consoles, distribute or reroute power, seal containment breachs or drop forcefields to pass through. Planets could do with some life, even some pre-industrial civilisations you could walk around taking data about how they're evolving and "oh no some attack" you must help defend them against an incusion from a hostile neighboring city using their weapons only, or create an antidote and secretly distribute it without getting caught to heal a poison they couldn't detect, and if you do randomly get caught play another subgame type scenario where you have to come up with an excuse for what your doing without getting them more suspicious, or be rescued by a bridge officer, or rescue a captured bridge officer from the militia..... the list goes on.

PVP is taking over and destroying the game, not alot of Star Trek fans wanted another pvp game, most wanted an explore game.... however as usual the wrong voices spoke loud and got heard and suddenly it's a pvp game, it's also a stun online game too. I'm not apposed to pvp but thats all there is left to do that could be different everytime you play and to be honest it's not what I payed for, I certainly didn't pay to see my character stun or held every time I see some opposing player and then killed by 5 people... over and over. stuns and holds need to be removed, or reduced completely, armor and shield resistance need to be increased dramatically, one shot kills need to be removed and revised to "only at 10% hp they get incinerated" since on the TV shows they get incinerated without a shield or armor, 200 years would have taught them something about protecting themselves from this. And finaly weapon damage needs to be reduced to make battles last longer and be more fun and random than "theres a target! hold, expose... dead... NEXT!" Weapon Butt needs a nerf too, I constantly get hit and stunned in one move by it and then wtfganked, by people that just run around spamming it. The stun needs removing from it and maybe add a small none stacking slow instead, they're concussed but not dazed type of thing.

Ships should be upgradable to each rank, people liked the Enterprise-D, the Defiant and Voyager, and they want to fly them, adding console slots and BO Stations and weapon mounts to build it to the higher tiers should be a crafting setup at memory alpha to add more for crafting along with giving the option to "kep flying your favourite ship" which is what the fans wanted.

NPC speech should be voice over instead of a great big annoying pop up window that you can't read because your still fighting, and now need to close along with two other windows while still fighting. A small viewscreen could popup somewhere and a voice (with subtitles maybe) that says the end stuff.

Klingons still need pve (I can appriciate your still working on it) they could also use a duelling ring (like Andoria) but on Qronos where they can go and dual and gain skill points from by fighting 1v1 against other klingons in an honour battle.

Skills need sorting out aswell... ground skills should be a seperate amount of skill points than space, and skills that are the same endgame in DPS need changing. Ship Weapons... for instance... a Phaser Beam Array Mk X does the same damage as a Polaron Beam Array Mk X, yet a phaser costs less skill points to use, they should all cost the same or the higher tier weapons should do more DPS and have more chance or getting their bonus, like polaron -25% at 2.5%, if I'm using 500 skill points for a polaron setup I expect it should be 200% better than a 300 skill point weapon, same with torpedo and mines.

Which brings me to the "level 45" cap... sillyness isn't the skill cap supposed to be 50? can that get unlocked please, it's 5 levels we're so close to but not allowed to gain because it's locked out, it should be unlocked or we shouldn't have been able to gain the first lot of levels to begin with, it feels wrong being held halfway through the skill setups.

Ranks are definatly projected badly aswell, Rear Admiral at 41 and I'm supposing Admiral at 50. We should be Rear Admiral at 50 and do a special storyline mission set to gain Admiral Status. Captain should be the level most endured, which is another good reason for a level 100 stretch out, captain rank would then become 90-99 and because it's 90-99 it would take longer to get the skill points thus making the rank last alot longer than a few hours or a day.

People said "they didn't want to grind" but I ask you... where are those people now? gone to another game no-doubt, left because they didn't have enough to do, or just play pvp constantly and thats all they ever did.
And it wouldn't be a grind if your doing different things all the time, instead of the same thing in a different place. I would personally be happy if it took a year to get to endgame, aslong as every level was new, challenging and exciting, and completely different from my previous characters. It is after all supposed to be a massive multiplayer online game, not a pvp server or a console game on the internet.
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04-26-2010, 05:12 AM
I welcome you, first time forum reader...

Just an FYI, there are plenty of threads with the exact same information in them.

Starting a new thread with old re-hashed information in it is generally a faux pas.

Good luck to you.
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04-26-2010, 08:12 AM
firstly.... I'm not a first time forum reader.
secondly.... there is no need to come and troll and type up stupid comments.
and finaly.... if more people post like this, cryptic would have a better reference to what people want, instead of having to troll threads that started with good intentions but ended up with some idiot(s) posting stupid comments throughout the helpful information contained in the thread. to sumerise... shut up if you don't have anything constructive to say. we already have enough childish trolling fools.

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