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Privateer Liro Narrad has been commissioned a letter of marque from the Klingon High Council. Standing orders are to harass Federation supply lines in the Xarantine sector. Technology and goods procured from raids are to be appraised and relayed to either Syndicate or Empire stores based on their perceived value.

This letter of marque authorizes a small fleet to be employed under the Privateer, thereby extending sanctioned commerce raiding to those under the Privateer's command.

Privateer Narrad urges his fellow Orions to join him, continuing his people's long-standing tradition of government-sanctioned piracy.

[[ This is a medium-RP fleet. Once we have some more members, it'd be awesome to do some fleet PvP, STFs, etc. As mentioned, it's open to Orions only, so newly-created characters are more than welcome. We'll try and help you out best we can =). If you really want to join but have a non-Orion that you've already invested a lot of time in, then I'm sure we can fit an RP solution in. ]]

Click here for obligatory MMOGuildSites page!

Thanks for reading! =)

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