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# 1 Frustrations with the UI
04-25-2010, 04:45 AM
I'm currently in the process of setting up the game to work with a controller and I'm running into a big problem right now.

I'll explain the situation below.
When I'm playing with mouse + keyboard I have the 2 button bar on with my basic abilities. To active the BO powers I mouse click on the buttons next to the BO stations, in my UI this is below the button bars.

Now comes the problem, to play with a controller I must add all the BO powers to the button bars and turn on 3 bars (if I don't I won't have enoughs pace for all the BO powers). So far so good. However, when you switch a BO (which happens quite a lot) the BOs power disappears of the button bar and leaves a free spot. You then have to click and drag the new BOs power to that open spot first before you can use it.
This wouldn't be so frustrating if you'd only have to set that up once, however when you switch back to your previous BO you need to drag his power from the power tray to your button bar again first before you can use it!
I know that we have 10 bars and can make all sorts of combinations like that for our BO powers, but come on, I have 10 BOs and that's a lot of different set ups I can get.

I have a couple suggestions I'd love to see implemented and get this problem fixed:
- Allow us to active powers from the Power Tray itself, I can scroll through them pretty fast with my controller and though not ideal it would solve a lot of problems already.
- Allow us to drag station slots on the button bar.

This last point probably needs further clarification. Right now we drag the actual BO power to the button bar. From what I understand each BO power has an unique number in the UI, thus Emergency Power to Shields I from BO A is not the same as Emergency Power to Shields I from BO B when I drag it onto the button bar. If I switch those 2 BOs and they both have that power then I need to add their power to the bar again as well. That's the current situation.

What I'd like to do is drag the station slot, for example Engineer Ensign slot to the button bar. Then it doesn't matter which BO I'm using, his Engineer skill will always show up on the spot I dragged it to since it's now station slot related and no longer BO slot related.

I hope the basic outline is clear, if you need me to make it more clear with pictures or further explanations then please send me a PM or something and I'll be happy to get busy with that.
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# 2
04-27-2010, 11:15 AM
if I might suggest:

To use BO skills with your controller:
you should map the controller to benign keys, then use /bind to set up the link to the power or skill. This gives you far more options. Save a modified copy of the binds to separate files for each of your BO configurations.
You can also unmap the existing keys in the options+keybinds and re-use them if you want...

To make it easier to deal with the quickbar in changing configurations:
open Options+Basic, and change your interface scale to 0.90. Now, switch your quickbar to mode 2. Then press Esc until the Main Menu appears, then Rearrange HUD. Drag your bars to the left until they begin at near the half way mark across your screen. Rearrange your other items to compensate. Your BO bar will now fit the max number of skills without running off the screen. Use the quickbar slots for your race and job skills etc... If you put some BO skills there, consider setting up a bar for each configuration (you have 10).
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# 3
04-27-2010, 02:08 PM
The UI is one reason why I want mods. Customizing the UI would be very nice indeed.


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