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First, the exchange update is great. Not only can you sort by name and price but it is also faster. This is great.

However, it looks like all good things have to come at a price. When doing a search on the exchange the max number of results it will return is 400. This would be fine for most cases, however some full name searches also match partial names of other items.

For example:
Search: Deflector Array Mk VI
Sort by Price
Ship Deflector

This search would ideally return only items which are named "Deflector Array Mk VI". In reality, however, it returns items named "Positron Deflector Array Mk VI", "Tachyon Deflector Array Mk VI", "Graviton Deflector Array Mk VI", and "Deflector Array Mk VI".

This proublem is compounded by the fact that "Deflector Array Mk VI" is a crafting base item, therefore it is more expensive then the 400 results that are returned.

Two ways to fix this proublem would be:
A) Return all results. This would likely make the system slower.


B) Give the option to search only for an exact string. This would let people search for only "Deflector Array Mk VI" as well as doing a general search all deflectors in a given level if they are not sure exactly what type of deflector they want.

Like I said, I love the new exchange interface. This is, however, a severe limitation to the new interface.

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