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# 1 Release Notes - May 01, 2010
04-30-2010, 11:31 PM

Update ST.1.20100420a.14
Today's update is a hotfix to address some issues in the Season 1.1 update that were released on Thursday. We are releasing this ASAP as we feel the PVP issue is critical enough to warrent a weekend update (vs waiting till next week). We've also included a few other fixes that were available and ready to go out.

  • PVP missions were not tracking mission completion properly and so you were no longer getting credit for completing a match. This is fixed now.
  • Space PVP Assault maps were not tracking score properly and would sometimes end after 3 points instead of the intended 30 points. This is fixed now which should make these PVP maps playable again.
  • Injury Pack vendors now allows for bulk purchases. Also the word "ea" is shown after the price to be clear that the price is per item.
  • We've increased the chances that you'll find more "Aid the Planet" missions in Star Clusters. It is still random and rare, but previously after completing one, there was a cooldown timer before you could get another one, and that timer has been reduced.
  • We've fixed an issue where DPS and Bind stats on Mark Store tooltips was displaying crazy numbers. Those tooltips should now be based on the actual item and correct.
  • Fixed an issue where you could get in a bad respec state if you attempted to rank down some skills.
  • The Pakled species traits have been updated and now properly show their traits in status windows.
  • Addressed an animation issue where you would sometimes "slide" if you were firing a weapon and rolling at the same time.
  • Mark vendor stores had inadvertantly replaced the Anti-proton gear substore with ground gear. This has been fixed and Anti-Proton gear is now available again.
  • Fixed several client crashes that were introduced in the last update.

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