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hey guys out there. Some may know of my from helping out with gfx issues at launch but now I would like some help if you can provide it. Since one of the first patches in march I been noticing issues in some interiors with alot of ambient light. To be specific when a fire fight begins a texture that has been shaded dark for lighting will loose its darking effect and turn to look like if lighting and shadowing were turned off on it. through out the fire fight (and only if there is fire fight) it will flash from normal (shadowed with lighting effects applied) to being unshadowed and unlighted. Now normally in my experince I would tell users that its a driver issue or what not. However at that time when it started in march I was running 192 nvidia mobile drivers. Now I am running the driver relased by nvidia in april. I havn't had the time to go through the forum and check and see if others are experincing this or not. If anyone (esp 8 series owners) have had this please post here and we can help each other figure this out if it hasn't already been done so.

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