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05-01-2010, 09:20 AM
Im sorry but this is such a misnomer. Lifetime subscribers paid for their lifetime sub. It isnt a reward its a purchase. The bonus items were the reward for purchasing a lifetime sub or a lifetime sub pre release.

Just wanna say I still agree with the captains table going to vet guys but the OP's point is wrong.
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05-01-2010, 09:22 AM
I'm looking forward to my big lifers reward in about 14 months... Free play forever. Any other rewards are just on this side of 'meh' compared to that one. Share them with everyone, if it keeps people happy and playing, give everyone a borg-klingon in orion slavegirl green playable hybrid.
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05-01-2010, 10:16 AM
Originally Posted by Popkornn
The lifers should only get rewards for time account was owned. So you just buy your lifetime? then you have 1 days of earned Veteran rewards status...
Firstly you seem to be out to attack LTS players... It is kinda sad, look, the way it is is actually quite fair, the LTS players made a reasonable up front commitment, and most of them used money they were saving and could have used on more established games. We paid up front for a long term subscription. And to at least try and patch the wound, they rewarded us. So we got a teal forum name, what of it? You know what we also got? We got hand cuffed to the game for the rest of it's existence which may or may not be that long.

A good example would be the scene from the Sean Connery James Bond movie: You Only Live Twice. The one were the woman who was piloting the small airplane, flipped a switch and restrained Bond, then jumped out the airplane to leave him to crash and burn. Our lifetime subs are those restraints, as we can see from some of Jacob Flowers postings, and we are trying to make the best of it and hopefully get this plane flying again. We got this thing in the air, and the devs gave us a gift on their own time. You have issue with this? Really? You have a problem with people getting something for their contribution, which at the time was the most instrumental for a quick monetary infusion and subsequently a sacrifice to many who invested hard earned cash that took a while to gather from savings? Your reaction is similar to someone who sees another person being paid for giving blood at a blood bank, and then goes to the front desk to have conniption fit because he was not paid as well. This person did not give blood but still feels envious of the person walking out with 38 dollars.

Someone else here asked this: "what makes you think the game is gonna last for two years?", I do not know, we committed to a deal, they have our money, and all we can do is see and try to make the most of it. Much of business is reputation, so while eventually we will be freeloading, our contributions have been recognized. It would be bad business to thumb their noses at us for any reason. Bad reputation will follow a name to the grave, look at Bill Roper. And if you are so confident that this game is not going to last for two years, why do you think you should get the rewarded for abandoning ship when others have already committed themselves to sink like a rock should this fail completely? Why should you get anything, if you are not willing put in for it. If you do not believe this game is going to make it that long, then jump ship already.

Rewards are the best form of encouragement, this is where we get wages from. I do not mind if people get the Life-Time Subscription Perks, they should not even be called this, I think they should be renamed into Long Term Subscription Perks, and they should only be given to people will to invest the proper amount of paid time into this game. I like the rewards setup they have now. And I do not mind waiting till the proper amount of time has passed to receive them, but since we are long term subscribers we should get these rewards as should the others who paid into the Annual Subscriptions models, and if they accumulate the paid time, the monthly subs as well. They probably haven't even made the first tier rewards yet or really know exactly what they are going to be...

Again, I have no problem with all of the LTS perks being made available on a accumulated subscription basis if you are wiling to spend the money to get the time, then you can have the Liberated Borg and the extra 2 character slots. And access to the captains table along with all the other wonderful little trinkets. I also need to remind everyone of the practicality of making the Captains Table as exclusive as it is, for starters it is one of the only 98% credit spam free zones, in the game, allowing anyone to make a character and go into the this area would defeat it's purpose. Making the Table into an officers lounge, as it were, allows for a social area that is nice for people to relax and chat without filthy gold seller riffraff begging you to buy millions of credits for one low price and the ability to eventually pilfer your account. With that out of the way I look forward to seeing you all there if you bother to spend the money for the time. Perhaps we can exchange War Stories from various MMO's we have played.

Finally, the most ridiculous thing I have seen is the argument over the teal names, if that bothers you so, then they should allow for forum titles to be added when the proper, veteran tier has been achieved, so you will no longer feel bland and pale apparently. And if you decide to stay longer then hour monetary commitment is worth, then I tip my hat to you. But it seems you are ready to jump ship at any time, if that is the case, then so be it.

That is all I have to say for now.
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05-01-2010, 11:46 AM
Originally Posted by Loic_Farris
I appreciate the extras that Cryptic has thrown us, but you know it's their prerogative to give it to veterans who pay month to month and I have no complaint about it.
I agree.

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