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# 1 In-Game features and Stuff
05-01-2010, 05:37 PM
Was looking all over the forum for a place to make suggestions for in-game idea's and whatnot. Could not find it, so i am putting it here.

I think Alien races that choose the Trill 'Host' spots on the face should also have the ability to place them on the character's legs as well. So far I only see them on full blooded Trill characters and NPCs. Not a major issue, but it would be nice to have the detail option for things like that. (As my I have made my character half Volcan / Trill).

Also it would be nice to have more of a variety for 'off-duty' costumes. Maybe as a mission reward or something give us the Risa beach clothing.

Lastly, I know the Devs are planning full ship interiors. Would be neat if we could customize them when we get them. things like: Adding a fish tank and fish in a room (Be able to buy fish for it). Place your favorate weapons on the walls of your quarters or in the Captains office. Place a Tribble somewhere and (eventually) have to maybe deal with over-populations of them.

Would be neat to have Officer and player injuries show on the toons. Torn muscle, character limps or favors an arm. Concussion, character looks alittle dizzy when standing still. Fatigued, Toon breathes heavy, ect. Same for ships.

These are not big things and mostly cosmetic, but would add to gameplay and ever those that wish to RP in-game for some things.

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