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I know i am going to have alot of people who disagree with this...but i am going to post what i like about the new patch...

First off the larger cruisers turning....that was improved alot....i cant out steer the enemy still but when i use one of my skills i can now turn around and get them with my forward weapons....takes a bit of work...but at least i dont have to make huge circles to get back to getting things.....also the outer space movement on the main maps is a definate bonus.....i give a difinate 10 stars for that.....

The Automatic firing implementation and fix was a huge success....i realy like the auto-fire on my ship......i was getting to a point before i couldnt handle all my buttons.....also the fix to the the auto-fire tweeking out is a definate thats a double plus.

The fix for some of the missions that refused to complete....(sounds like a monster movie theme) ...... anywise these fixes made it so i can clear some of my log entries.....though i had a few issues...i assume becasue i already had the missions and never dropped them......but the fix for that was just actualing going to the NPC which worked....

In the skill section menu the new way to show linked skills is a huge plus......though i had some issue with the masking.....luckily talked to someone who found the settings to fix it so i could list everything again thats a big plus.....the idea is a great one.....i say an A+ on that idea.....i did send in bug reports for some stuff related to it.....but i am not sure if its the system or somethig else that may or may not be a bad thing.

The Aiding the planet improvement was definately well done.....the fact that now we get some introductory missiosn for it is more running out of missions or contacts...ic ant wait to see whats done next along the entire mission contact stuff.....

Oh and huge bonus the new warning when the enemies throw grenades.....i recall on test i couldnt dodge this stuff worth beans still...but your team did an awesome job on it...and now i find my self able to dodge most of the time......blasted turrets and shields i construct become the death of me.

I also noticed a few older misisons i have done before...had improved graphics....i must ask...does your team chain the art people to chairs and force them to never leave?.....that is a huge amount of stuff that got changed.....i realize sopme of the missions are still pseudo place holders.......whihc means you are going to keep messing with them with new improvements....
So I am wondering if at some point we will be able to do the old missions.....

And i want to say thank you for making sure their is an in game tutorial sort of for explaining the damage and difficulty things added.

And lastly.....the graphic improvements.....most people probably dont notice this becasue they turn their graphics up or have good graphic cards...but i have a not so great seeing increased speed and smooth stuff happening on this latest patch makes me really happy....
I have no clue what was improved or tweeked....but my game is performing alot better then it did.....
It wasnt too bad before....i had occassional stutters and such...but now...its like every stutter is non-existent.....even in the heavy populated areas.

So far the only thing i am worried about is some of the fleet actions not letting me team with other people....i sent in a bug report about this.....i was thinking it might have been caused due to something else that was done to fix a differing issue...hopefully not from making the damage penalty not effect people on normal difficulty....

So rating for this latest patch....A+
Lt. Commander
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05-01-2010, 05:51 PM
I won't go as far as A+, but I will say the PVE part of the game grew in spades!

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