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04-25-2010, 05:12 AM
Infected with 5man team is fun.
Cure with 5 man team is damn hard.
Kithomer is just insane with 5 man parties.

Build in more party missions from beginning and bosses with static loot so doing those actually pays.
There is more sense in grinding one day for 1% exp than doing raids in STO.
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04-29-2010, 03:59 AM
Ok, Khitomer was tough but quite possible a few days ago, however, between then and last night it has been broken. I completed it it twice on my my fed last week however my group and I attempted it multiple times on our klingons (with, carriers, bops, raptures, crusiers and just about every combo) last night and that first space battle is far more difficult than the final space boss was just a few days ago. Spheres wiith 74,000+ hit points who are firing plasma torp spreads that hit for 30,000+ each? Their plasma beam arrays hitting for 1000+? Common cryptic, No sphere should be able to 2 shot a carrier....ever. Those spheres are packing as much if not more punch than the cubes or Tac cubes and we are supposed to knock out 12 of them plus 12 probes and be back at the gates in less than 3 minutes? Plus now the borg are immune or highly resistant to all sci powers? Scramble sensors doesn't work, and neither does VM most of the time and since when does polarise hull 3 not break a borg tractor beam? Are you guys having a laugh or what? Fix this, we play STO because we want to have fun and when you break these raids it isn't fun for any of us who are paying to be here. You did this in infected, you did it in cure, now KA. Enough already. There is plenty broken in this game, if you guys don't have anything to do I have a whole list for you. Stop breaking what you have right.
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05-02-2010, 10:04 AM
Spent 4 hours last night with a great group of players going through the entire KA mission only to find out the game wouldnt reccognize the completion.This is B.S.


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