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# 1 Please Help
05-03-2010, 08:32 AM

Ive been playing since pre-order , but when on a station or ground etc i get bad slowdown and i have to lower settings right the way down.

I have no problems with any other game on max settings , only in STO.

For instance when i try to move the camera around my character when on the ground it is real hard to move it and it drags around very slow and stuttery.


When i make a NEW character it is fine and none of the above problems exist , this is really confuseing and i want to play my main character that i love , why would it do thison just my main character , could it be something to do with my avatar?

Cant play much longer like this so please help me if you can.


Intel core2 duo 7800 @ 2.40ghz
4gb ram
Windows 7
Geforce 8800M gtx

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