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# 1 Joint Task Forces w/Example
05-03-2010, 10:50 AM
With the third playable allegiance to be introduced, and hopefully allegiance restrictions being lifted in Gamma SOON, I started to think of Joint Task Forces (JTF) that SF/Romulan Star Empire (RSE), KDF/RSE, SF/KDF, and KDF/RSE/SF could run at all levels. These would expanded the play of ones favourite toon no mater which allegiance, add some great/much needed content, items, and incentive for even hardcore PvP players to run even once. (Granted, a new zone connecting Omega Leonis and Psi Velorum would have to be created, or open travel for all factions in Regulus.) I mapped out this example:

Task Force: Temporary Alliance: The Tal Shiar Power Play (Fleet and ground troops size and strength will depend on TF leader's difficulty settings.)
Allegiance: KDF/SF JTF
Mission Contact: General Ker'Plunk of The KDF on Starbase 39
Star Fleet Contact: Admiral Quinn
Reward: Role for very rare with bonus against RSE, random rare for remainder of team; e.g., Plasma Beam Array Mk X [Acc][CrtD][CrtH][RSE] where [RSE] increases the 2.5% DoT to 5% against RSE ships (PvE and PvP); Powered Accolade: The Tal Shiar Protocol (a click power with 60 minute cool down that adds +1.5% hull points for ten seconds)

Task Force Start:
Incoming Hail : Report to Starbase 39 for more information.

Mission One: Exploration of Aelas System
Mission Contact Dialogue: We need a temporary alliance (if Klingons are on the TF) with these - these, Federation things.) We have an informatant who gave us news of a person of interest with whom we should talk. From this person of interest, we, um - readily extracted information of a large Tal Shiar base. Our source is uncertain, but when -um - asked enough, the person of interest said - before his heart gave out - he dropped supplies in the Aelas System. Take your task force to the Aelas system and see if there is any information or things you can find.
Basic Mission Details: Beam down to planet, collect samples from the abandon lab. Encounter some unmanned defences in the lab and some puzzles to unlock some doors. Collect items and transmit data for analysis.

Mission Two: Dominion Scrap
Mission Contact Dialogue: The items you have retrieved have trace elements of Dominion Technology. The technology appears to be old technology from the Dominion war but there is some other technology or modifications that are unfamiliar to us. In the hull plating we did find data for trace elements that is usually found in the Dera system. Captain, make your way to the Dera system!
Basic Mission Details: You find a Romulan BoP, board and investigate. Encounter some unmanned defences before coming across a group of Romulan techs. After the battle, one Romulan gives information that there is a lab on the planet surface. Beam down to planet, fight your way to the lab. Enter the lab and battle groups, do some puzzles as you scan items and download data.

Mission Three: Return to Starbase 39
Star Fleet Contact Dialogue: Captain, the information and items you have need to be analyzed further. Return to Starbase 39!
Basic Mission Details: Return to Starbase 39 and drop off items to contact.

Mission Four: The Informatant
Mission Contact Dialogue: Captain, take your task force to U.S.S. Phlox. The informant wishes to talk to you.
Basic Mission Details:Proceed to the U.S.S. Phlox, beam aboard and have a dialogue with a Romulan Admiral Morgas. Depending on your questions, the dialogue leads you to learn some things: The Tal Shiar's plan to capture Dominion ships during the Dominion war; why it has been so long since the Tal Shiar have been able to make it's move; The Romulan Leadership supports the actions of The Tal Shiar; The Tal Shiar took great strides to secure and keep others out of the Iconia system.

Mission Five: The Tal Shiar's new BoP
Mission Contact Dialogue: Captain, this is new information to us of the Iconia system. Maybe we should take Admiral Morgass to the same place we took Morgass' person of interest.
Basic Mission Details: You arrive in the Iconia system to detect a Romulan BoP with Polaron beams, Polaron Plasma hybred torpedoes, and an old Jem'Hadar Attack Ship battling but the weapons are not creating much damage if any at all. Once you have been detected the BoP and Jem'Hadar ships warp out as a fleet of Warbirds warp in to the zone. When the last Romulan ship is left, beam aboard with a landing party, capture the ship. Gather data and items on the way to the bridge.

Mission Six: The Tal Shiar Ship Yard
Mission Contact Dialogue: Captain, you have done well (, Khaless favours you (for KDF TF Leader)/for a Star Fleet lackey (for SF TF Leader)). The data you sent shows that the Tal Shiar have set up a base and ship yard in Alth'ndor system. Proceed there at maximum warp!
Basic Mission Details: The task force battles a couple of waves of Romulan ships with Polaron beams and Polaron Plasma hybred torpedoes, and the occasional Jem'Hadar ship. Once the fleet has been defeated you beam down to the planet to do various puzzles and battles with troops to capture the Tal Shiar General. Once you beam up to your ship:
Star Fleet Contact Epilogue: We will be sending in a team to investigate and gather data.
Mission End NPC action: Klingon Fleet warps in and destroyers the shipyard and bombards the base on the planet.
Mission Contact Epilogue: We are done! (if Klingons are on the TF) Klingons, return to Qu'Nos!

If they went with something like this, they could setup a SF/RSE JTF against the KDF and SF/KDF/RSE against the Cardassians on K-7, a RSE/KDF JTF against SF, and a couple of JTF against the Unidine for each rank in the Alpha Quad.where there would be a whole new set of purples that are faction specific/bonus and some with powered accolades that PvPer's would desire. Anyhow, just an idea to kick around.

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