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I love the idea that Trek is online,
Sound effects are superb including background clutter.
Ship and uniform customization is awesome and never do i feel limited on those look and feel.
Battles are very fun since I can choose how hard the challenge will be in more than one way.
Star bases and outer space internal structures are very cool as well.
Weapon configurations and technical detail of the weapon and equipment functions give a great versatility to my fantasy of what I want to accomplish.

I am bored after a month of play. No after two weeks of play. My love of Star Trek has kept me going for the whole month, maybe it has been two months.
I can not use my computer and all the ram in my hull to solve some of the most basic questions like:
What does the rest of this planet look like beyond this valley?
I am the captain, and I want another bridge officer to beam down with my current party, or maybe I want him to beam back up cause, well, Im the captain of a starship and I said so.
You want to know how I want the inside of my ship to look? Never mind that, just take the silly color patterns and useless light highways out of hyperspace and instance me through it to a large solar system that I can then cruise around in and scan, set course, and warp or impulse to ALL the planets in the system.
Heck even the game called Star Control (monochrome based game back in the 1900s) allowed me to scan every inch of a planet.
Exploration itself is nothing more than a few square modules with single life forms or ships or plants plugged into the same variables.
What happened to LCARS? It's a commodore 64 cause there isn't enough data to satisfy my game needs much less keep my interest in exploration, lifeforms, ship design or anything else. I'm not even sure if I was pretending the ship had an on-board computer or not.
*note: LCARS is showing as misspelled in this message.
I have to open my map and search visually for just about everywhere I want to go and I think my navigator is elite. And when I am warping there, suddenly there is this imaginary wall that stops me a asks me if I want to warp, i.e. WAY TO MANY INSTANCES, the only smoothness to this game is the nice flow of the ship as it seeks another instance block.

This is supposed to be outer space. Not a chess board. the only place to see the ship move naturally through all rotations is in ship customization. The quickest way to position front and rear torpedoes, shields, and guns many times is to loop up or down, not wait for a spin. Can't even go straight down to a ship under me.

Far too many transitions, my friends are usually on a completely different server which we have to physically change too to play together. The whole guild could be at earth dock and never see each other.

I'll stop here since I'm not sure this will actually make it to posting.
The reasons I'm am posting this:
1) I paid good money for another subscription product that does not completely deliver in my opinion.
2) It's like another Tabula Rasa fear comming on:

I'll be playing Eve while you get things hashed out.


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