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05-03-2010, 03:25 PM
I am starting this thread as a suggestion to the Devs, and I am sure people will chime in with their own ideas based off of this.

Let me start off by saying this is not a greif thread, but one of my personal gripes with the game has been how the content is laid out. example: You fly right into Romulan space unchallenged essentially, and from the way it looks in sector space it almost feels like the whole of starfeet is in the neighbors back yard. One of the reasons for this i feel is that the space as a whole is under-utilized. I am going to leave out the whole sector space debate for now because what i am proposing does not require that that part of the game be modified. One of the suggestions that has been floated in numerous threads is to add more planets to a star system. While this is possible, it would require adding in new game play mechanics. What i would like to propose instead is that each planet become a hub of sorts with multiple areas for missions, this way the Devs can go back and add content to each sector of space without having to creat new solar systems and re-arranging the map, or creating extra planets. A good example of this is for instance, let us beam to Starbase One around Earth, but also beam down to various parts of Earth, such as San Fransisco (SF Academy) Alaska, and France, to name a few options. Same thing with places like Risa and Vulcan, and other planets, espcially the major ones. that way each can have a area soley for recreational use and hanging out, but also several mission areas. While your at it, make NPC mission givers for the recreational areas so that a player could spend a good amount of time just exploring and leveling on one planet. this will help create a greater sense of immersion, while also allowing the devs to save content in other races zones for high levels and make the worl feel bigger in a way. anyway, this is just a suggestion and I am sure others will heartily add to it.

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