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05-02-2010, 02:41 AM
it may just be me but when i ram things lately i tend to be the one blowing up (elite pve) while in pvp i tend to use it as an attack of opertunity., if they stay low enough health im bound to ram them to finish them off or weaken them eough for my rear tricobalt torp to bleed through for the finish.
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05-02-2010, 07:40 PM
It does lean towards cruisers, who have more heals and do more damage. I think it should automaticly kill you and do the same damage as the hull you had.
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05-04-2010, 03:03 AM
i remember this one pvp match, everyone rammed the same guy lol, he was a half health cruiser and it took 2 escorts a science vessel and a cruiser to finish him off. it was great watching 4 ships criss cross like that.
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05-04-2010, 11:38 PM
Funny you should say that... as it may have been me, because a similar thing happened to me just yesterday in PvP!

I was in my Captain Cruiser finishing up my last few XP to get to admiral. I ended up tanking the entire match and always living through most of the worse beatings my team took. it was 9 to 12, with the other team behind. (Fed vs Fed btw) My team mates had all died and were in the process of respawning, I was down to 1/2 hull strength but still had my miracle worker skill available. Low and behold I see 2 escorts flying full bore at me from different directions as a sci vessel was pounding me with his tractor beam and gravity well. So I hit miracle worker and sci team to try to withstand the enevitable beating I was about to take...

KA-FUGGIN-BOOM... the first escort hit me and blew up. The impact barely dented my hull... but the resulting explosion took out my shields... just then...

KA-RASH!!! The second escort hit me and took me back down to 50% hull strength. Fortunately he hit me and passed through me, so that even though I was stuck by the tractor beam, the escort just happened to line up with my fore weapons. So I stopped attacking the sci vessel and hit the escort with everything I had. Boom. Turns out he took a LOT more damage from the ramming speed than I did.

Now it was 9 to 14. My team still hasn't arrived from respawning yet and I was sitting helpless with no heals left. Annnnnnnd...

BOOM! All I see is my ship shattering and a sci vessel flying a high speed through my wreckage.

Fortunately we ended up winning before I even respawned. My team mate caught an escort right out of the gate as he was respawning.

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