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05-05-2010, 01:15 PM
Originally Posted by superchum View Post
Then don't pull friends. Get strangers. Go to the local mall. Or gaming shop. Solicit. Go door to door. Run your own contest through your own website. Come up with a plan.

Cryptic just wants you to get them people. They don't have to be your close personal friends.
You are truly cracked man. Fine, you go out and ring yourself some door bells, I'm going to continue going up Cryptic's ass until this makes it in the C-Store. Don't get me wrong, I understand Cryptic's reasoning in doing this and why you think its smart business sense on their part, but not why you're defending the idea like it will personally benefit you in some way if it stays recruitment only. Why do you care if people have the option to buy it from the c-store? Does it negative effect you in some way?

...and no Shard-Warrior, I have nothing to base those figures on what-so-ever. Nobody has anything "real" to base any calculations on. Its just a guess based on how the game has done so far and how I've seen it perceived in the gaming community over the last 2 months. I guess we'll all see in the end. Either way, I'll continue to push for it's release in the C-store.

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