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DISCLAIMER: This is not a flame bait thread. So if possible please limit responses to a constructive analysis of the post and or information/opinions of all posters.

I got to looking back at Dstahl's posts from today and yesterday in this section and I got the feeling that he was conveying a "vibe" if you will. One akin to a candy sweet tart. While some of his posts had a hint of comedic intent, the almost felt like they were flavored with a tad of sarcastic angst.

So, that got me to thinking that possibly with all this outpouring of anger and frustration that we have had over the RAF we might have gone a bit too far. Now, I recognize that some people don't care if we (as a community) have gone too far in our push back. Those folks aren't going to take this thread seriously anyway, I doubt.

Allow me to explain. Some of us have been here since the beginning. Yadda Yadda Yadda old timers, that sort of thing. In that time we have had Salegate. Lifergate, etc. Honestly, too many gates for me to remember them all. Some I cared about and some I didn't. Now, we have referralgate. In each case, there has been two parties, us and Cryptic/Atari. (Although I blame salegate on Atari not Cryptic). So in effect, we have created or they have created, depending on your point of view, a us verses them mentality so to speak.

I can't think of any manner is which that mentality is a good thing. I would tend to think it is actually a bad thing. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying don't tell Cryptic how you feel about a certain action or elements of gameplay etc. I am also not suggesting that we flower them with roses and hugs either. All I am saying is that after Dstahl told us he went to the CEO about this RAF program and that it wasn't going to change. Maybe, just maybe we should have accepted that we were not going to succeed in our desire to have it changed.

Personally, I don't think laying the blame on anyone is helpful in this case, as to be honest the only people who will really suffer is us the community.

Just wanted to share these thoughts with you.

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