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# 10 Another Point
05-07-2010, 09:06 AM
That I am not sure if anyone has mentioned yet or not.

But perhaps one of the reasons why this has purportedly gone over board, is because Cryptic was decidedly silent on the issue. We seemingly raised our voices in unison... and Cryptic "supposedly being a developer who actively listens to their userbase" gave us no feedback.

Dstahl said "management is aware of this thread"... but thats it. We didn't get a "we're changing it" or "we're sticking with the plan", etc. Instead we got a "acknowledge receipt of message" (500 credits for whoever gets the reference).

I wrote a post on this subject in the past regarding different styles of developer interaction. Here is the link ::digs it out of the archives and dusts it off::

Two Kinds of Developer Relations.

Cryptic is cryptically somewhere "in the middle" and it isn't working out to their favor so much. Oh well, we gotta give them a break. Have a beer! (or Cosmo if you prefer).

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