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05-06-2010, 02:36 AM
Originally Posted by Shakkar View Post
City on the Edge of Never is one of the best missions in the game (also shows that voice acting makes a mission MUCH better, you guys need a lot more of it), but STFs were a huge mistake as done. I don't know if you were doing the STFs with orders about how to do them or if you did them all on your own, but you screwed up royally with the STFs. First, they should have been like Deep Space Encounters; something else to do but not effecting the main storyline in the episode content. You guys decided to continue the storyline in the least friendly most difficult method possible. If you were responsible for that decision, then I'm hopeful your replacement wont make that same mistake. The STFs also should have been raids for lots more than 5 people; you set things up so lots of people will never complete them and many more will never even try them because you need to have 5 people who wont leave even if the thing runs hours. If you had made these zergfests for 20 players, people could come and go and you would still feel like you had a good chance at completion. Now you're screwed if someone rage quits. Big design mistake in my opinion.

So I have mixed feelings. The STF mistakes might not have been your fault because I don't know who ordered what to whom. But you're the face of them, and I was rather upset at your designs in these cases.

But perhaps your replacement wtill make changes in the future. I've always believed the STFs are going to be nerfed or made more casual PUG friendly in some way, at some point. I still believe that, and if you going will increase the chance of that happening I'm happy about it. If you're not being replaced at all and less content will be made, then I'm less happy.
Yes how true
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05-07-2010, 02:23 PM
Look forward to seeing you in game a bit more. Thanks for doing so much for STO over the last year or so. I hope the move goes well and same with the new job.

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