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# 1 List of problems today...
05-08-2010, 05:17 PM
OH MY GAWD.... ok...
  • BOs falling off cliffs in the fire caves, can't res them.
  • BOs standing around in the open (no obstructions), taking fire, not responding to commands and not attacking.
  • Hypo-Sprays consumed but no effect given.
  • Special weapon cooldowns imposed, but no damage to enemy.
  • One mission on Elite will be mind numbing easy, the next screen-cussing impossible.
  • Return to sector space to change difficulty back down but it's still screen-cussing impossible and I still acquire injuries.
This happened across various missions, in various zones.

I realize this was rushed to market... but really? This really doesn't feel like an MMO, it feels like a plain CD based game with occasional LAN play.

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