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Copied and Pasted from in-game ticket, and from response to main Bug reporting thread: (for max exposure, not for random spammage ... my apologies if this is bad form)

As you are coming out of one of the larger rooms (the one with the split-level-balcony-kinda-thing; the one with the computer console on the raised 'level'), through the left-hand door, the piece of archway/wall/bulkhead(?) will trap players if they execute a roll into that area.

Players trapped in this section of wall become untargetable, except for click-targeting, unattackable due to inability to get "LoS," yet remain able to attack, target, and harm rival players.

No amount of rolling, jumping, moving, being-knocked back (via NPC attacks on them, or mechanical explosion or whatnot), etc. seems to get them loose.


(sorry for the terrible room description... I'm writing this after-the-fact and don't have a floorplan right in front of me )


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