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I vow to tell 5 or more of my friends to avoid this game like the plague. If you do also, I promise the following ptsd rewards:

1. You will never suffer through another badly produced Cryptic game. The company will be the casualty, not you.

2. You can take pride in the fact that Cryptic doesn't receive its bonus, due to the massive drop of players who testify to the poor quality of this game. They may have robbed you lifers, but this is your chance to get even.

3. You will be part of the solution. Rather than clinging to anything with the title of "Star Trek," you will be persuading people to produce quality Trek in the future, rather than producing subpar Trek..

4. You will bring about retribution and justice to a company that avoids accountability for its mistakes, and that is a noble cause.

So, which would you rather have: A ship skin or what is outlined aboved?

Please tell 5 friends to avoid this game. We'll celebrate Crptic's failure, even when we lose the ability to post about it on these forums.
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05-09-2010, 01:56 AM
honestly id rather have as ships skin, im having a great time and would recommend the game to my friends and let them make up their own minds.

its not the greatest game ever made or anything but im having fun, im sorry you feel bitter enough to want cryptic to fail so that people who enjoy the game can no longer play it.

sorry you dont like it, perhaps you should move on and find something you do like
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05-09-2010, 02:06 AM
I too enjoy the game immensly.
But i only referr people, nothing more, i leave it to them to pass their final judgement on the game and wether or not it is a game that "appeals" to them.


I smell a lock heading this way real soon. :p
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