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05-06-2010, 05:14 PM
Originally Posted by Gruug View Post
I am only going to point out that in the case of the B'tran exploration missions with a group, if you are not the first one to enter and someone else zips through the intital message windows that this will happen. Whoever is doing that is at fault. The point is suppose to be that you are being ambushed at the start of the encounter. However, the mechanic allows you to determine or trigger the ambush by going through the dialog messages. What everyone on your team needs to do is to WAIT until you are all in the instance and then trigger the ambush by closing that last dialog.

There actually are no B'tran exploration missions that actually has NPC's attacking you wihout some triggering the attack.
Like i said in my 4th post, the group point is mout since this has happened to me soloing the b'tran exploration missions as well. the point of the matter is that there were mobs siting right at the zone in/ spawn point. my ship was ready under attack an exploding before i even had a chance to do anything with the dialog box.

This is also a problem with enemy encounters since you zone with mobs right on top of you half the time. and often you are under attack before you can click continue explore or the exit to sector keys, and even if you hit exit to sector theres a strong chance you will be exploding before or after the zoning process.

The point is the spawn point need to be move so we're not zoning in to zones and being blown up the second we're in zone.
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05-10-2010, 05:53 PM
I, um.. confess, I was that moron who clicked the text box.

BUT in my defense, even if I hadn't clicked that, during that first fight any respawns would of been met with swift death as you literary spawned right on top of the fight.

Details aside, that's just not cool, especially with a injury system.

IDK why no one read my topic on the same encounter.... i had a heart felt story, polygon comedy and everything....

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