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I've got two Engineering Bridge Officers.
They've both got Quick Fix and Phaser Turret.

I don't think I have EVER seen the BOff AI cast Quick Fix on a Turret.
Even when the Turret is taking damage from (PvE) Hostiles ... I can't think of a single time the BOff AI has cast Quick Fix on a Turret to heal it. I don't think the BOff AI even "recognizes" Turrets as legitimate targets for the Quick Fix buff.

My BOffs will cast Quick Fix on themselves.
They'll cast it on me, when I don't have an ally selected as my target and I manually command them to use the skill.

But they won't cast it on my Turrets ... either proactively, or reactively ... using the BOff AI. I have to TELL THEM to do it by manual control of select target and command buff.

This is not how it should be methinks.

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