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Just like you mentioned in the Why STO has Succeeed thread, I am posting in the appropriate feedback subforum.

Regarding the demo:

I was hoping my thoughts would have been taken to heart before the Welcome Back weekend and the demo release, but it appears there is still room for improvement.

- The first tooltip mention of the location of the Library Computer is still incorrect. However, later metions of the Library Computer's location is correct.

- Several of the patients on the USS Khitomer are still laying on TOP of the medical equipment, instead of laying on the sickbeds themselves. This has been there since beta, and it does not paint the rosy picture those of us who wish to see this game succeed want to continue to see when we try to send our friends to this game to try out. That obvious glaring bug needs to be fixed ASAP.

- I still noticed new people getting lost after pushing back the Borg in main engineering and not knowing that the transport pad was directly behind the Commander of the Khitomer. Probably a greater mention or NPCs mentioning its location like we do for Sulu's location on Starbase 1.

- After completing the mission, I understand the need to constantly remind players they are playing a demo, but it ended to quickly. As I mentioned at the end of another thread, it needs about 3 to 10 more missions such as:

* 1 to 2 patrol missions from Solu(with at least one being a non-combat ground based mission so players can realize this game does not totally strive for a Star Trek Federation that is all about the kill, kill, kill) Try to avoid making one of the missions a scanning rocks mission though ;-).
* 1 mission on Vulcan to show players how you have take care to represent that area of the game.
* 1 mission involving Klingons in Klingon space to do the same as Vulcans, and display how you are trying to stay true and use the Klingon race as gameplay.
* up to 4 missions in one of the clusters to display the sort of random missions that are available in those areas.
* 1 to 2 fleet action missions to show how PvP works for both space and ground combat.
* 1 Romulan mission, in Romulan space, that is a group instance(meaning a low level cannot finish it on their own).
* 1 mission that involves visiting Deep Space Nine to talk to a character, but whose main goal it is to let them see that the area exists and how well it has been done

I think if the above changes were made to the demo portion of this game with the same restrictions that are there on communicating, more people would truly see the wonderful experiences this game can offer so they can make an informed choice. Instead of choosing to purchase this game because the demo purposely ended too early. I know that makes great marketing sense, but it is not the kind of relationship or attitude I would prefer to see new potential subscribers be introduced to so early in their STO career.

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