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# 1 Space Flight - Z Axis
05-11-2010, 03:08 AM
I would say that my biggest issue with this game is space flight. The ships act as if they are in atmosphere with only forward and reverse as well as severely limited turning.

In my opinion, Star Trek is a show about science and the future, yet the ships in the game have maneuvering capability akin to a ballistic rocket. I understand that Star Trek the TV series and movies didn't fully get zero gravity physics either, but in the interest of making the combat more efficient and less frustrating, the ships could actually act like they were in space.

Instance #1: You have forward facing canons but you have to crank the steering wheel on your ship hard right and slower than molasses bring your guns to bear on a target ... this wouldn't be so bad if the target wasn't above you ... because you can't face straight up like a ship in space would actually be able to do. No, instead you have to corkscrew up meanwhile taking a beating from the Enemy Cruiser and it's support ships above you. There is no excuse for ths kind of oversight ... I mean didn't anyone play-testing this game comment on this?

Instance #2: You are spiralling downward to pick up your drop after a combat and trying to get there before the pop up screen prompts you to leave (or beam down) before the rest of your team accepts and you are left to circle your way down the drain to your *sigh* engine battery. Really? That is the best that can be done? Ships should have maneuvering thrusters in space. I know it's kind of late to redesign space flight but there has to be something you guys can do. Tactics would change drastically if maneuvers were truly possible in zero G environments. Please give this some consideration because I honestly love this game ... but this is a big enough issue for me that I felt compelled to throw some feedback here.

Straight up and Straight down:. Cryptic was behind City of Heroes at one time. They had flight for Super Heroes and the heroes when flying could fly straight up (Spacebar) or Straight down (X or Z as I set my keys). This is not difficult.
Angle of the Dangle: You should be able to maneuver your ship any direction and be able to travel forward if not also be able to do strafing maneuvers. You should even be able with enough momentum, to turn your ship backwards and cut thrusters so you are using your velocity to keep distance from your target while bringing your front guns/torpedoes/etc to bear on him/her. For a good example of this watch some of the ship movement in Babylon 5. I know it's not Trek but they got space combat right. You figure this game is set in the future, one would think that Trek engineers would have come up with a way to make their ships more space worthy and less aerodynamic.

One other suggestion that is not having to do with direction: Formation Bonuses. You get flanking bonuses on the ground ... why can't a team get a formation bonus if they all fly in a pattern or attack in a pattern? All fly in unloading and then each member peels off a differnt direction. Just an idea. Or how about a defensive bonus to the weaker ship inthe middle of a group of Cruisers? Things like this would really up the ante on this game and generate a great deal of respect from players. I can honestly tell you that in our group, the biggest pet peeve is the fact that we have to fly like we are in aeroplanes and not spaceships. One of our guys left because of it ... well that and he was tired of being the guy who always got clipped by the Enemy Signal Contacts.

Okay then. I love the rest of the game. My other grievances are very small in comparison and since this is really the big one, I'll save the others for another time.

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